Sunday, November 20, 2005

Everything is FREE!

Sooo tired! He didn't like it when the crowds cheered- he would cry! No pic of that, too bad.
Mommy and Sage enjoying the game!
"The Game" One t-shirt read, Harvard sucks, Princeton doesn't matter, The Game!
Handsome Dan and the fam!

Except for the $32,000 per year tuition.

I am talking about Yale. Drew is studying to get his masters in architecture. Saturday was the Yale versus Harvard football game. So, we went! It was so much fun!

Free parking, free burgers, free hotdogs, free cookies, free chips, free Coke, free water, free admission!

The weather was perfect, a little chily in the shade but no complaints. We took Sage and had so much fun! It was weird being at an Ivy League football game and realizing that it is a lot like a big high school. I mean nothing seemed better than the public university that I attended. The students that attended the game were still drunk and yelled obsentities. One chant was "School on Monday!" because Harvard has school Monday and Yale doesn't. I thought, you guys go to an ivy league school and that is the best you can come up with?

I will give Yale props though. They have made a sense of community within their colleges. Everyone lives in a different college, I think there are 11. And there is a lot of pride that goes into each college. It is neat to see. I compare it to a giant Greek system except these kids are more privalaged. Drew was telling me that they will have teas with very important people so the students can network and make connections.

I should mention that we spent a small fortune on Yale gear to wear to "The Game"! But we will get our use out of it. Sage's is a 2T so, next year it better fit also!

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  1. fun! he looks SO much like you in the first picture. SO sweet! We are going to s's sister's house for thanksgiving dinner...and then maybe over to my parents' to see them and your parents'! :)



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