Thursday, November 17, 2005


Nothing crucial, just trying to decide which double stroller would be the best. If I want to spend in the $500 - $600 range, Phil and Ted's Excellent Buggy would win without a doubt, but we could almost buy a new car for that price! I need to decide which is better, side by side or front and back. Everyone has a different opinion and the reasons all make complete sense. I like Phil and Ted's the best because when Sage is done riding in a stoller, it can be a single stroller very easily. I also like the sit or stand stroller but don't think Sage will be quite big/old enough for that. One of the criteria is that is be easy to take on the NYC subway system. Not that we go there a ton, but when we do, our Graco is a PAIN! Too bulky to carry. It seems like our best option is the Maclaren Twin Traveller. Most people give it a big thumbs up, but shopping with it will be difficult because of the side by side issue, stollers are hard enough to get around stores! Then I think, Graco duo glider. Huge, will it fit in our trunk? And HEAVY. So, do you understand my dilemma? Our car is a Saturn so everything will be a question of whether it fits in the trunk!

And a name! But we won't be revealing that until he is born, because we could change our minds and you already know it is a boy which narrows the name field down considerably!

I hit up an Old Navy store and got 3 packs of cute onesies for $4! That is like his whole summer wardrobe!

Any ideas on the double stroller, I would be glad to hear!

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