Thursday, January 06, 2011

I Don't Know Where to Begin or End

We've been potty training for 9 days.  Monday night, I gave up.  I found an old pull up of Kolby's and put it on Levi.  I thought it would at least do the job until I could get the right size Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, he woke up dry.  I bought pull ups anyway.  I opened the package and put two in the diaper bag. 

That day, he continually peed in the potty.  I was almost convinced he just wanted me to waste that $10.  But, alas, he didn't!  He has done so incredibly good but I have been happy to throw that pull up away twice today!  So, we're not stopping with the potty training, we're just going to drag it out awhile.  I was hoping to get 'er done in three days but knew that he's still quite young.  And I'm totally okay with it.

Although, tonight, he yelled from his bed that he had to pee. 4. times.  I think somoeone has figured out how to control the flow. 

So, remember when I wrote The Next Step?  We got the orthotics and Kolby adjusted amazingly well.  I don't know why I was so amazed, he has adjusted amazingly to everything that he's gone through.  Anyway, we just went to see his physical therapist after 2 weeks vacation, and the first time to see her after Kolby started wearing them.  I admit that I was a little excited because Kolby had adjusted so well to them and thinking she was going to gush about how perfect they were and how much they were going to help. 

"Well?!"  I said. 

After a long conversation, she explained that Kolby has been walking on the outside of his foot, like toward his ankle.  And the orthotics that we just got and paid a really pretty penny for (okay, insurance did, but whatev) are holding his feet in that position.  Awesome.  Not really, not at all.  At the end of an even longer conversation, we agreed that we needed to get Kolby seen by a doctor.  I talked through with her that I was so underwhelmed with our doctor here.  He just kind of was like eh, they look as good as they'll get.  While at the same time, not really watching Kolby walk all that long.  So, we decided to call the doctor that we saw when I was 38 weeks pregnant with Annika. 

And to make this long story a tad shorter, we're going on Monday to see him.  The physical therapist says that most likely, it will be both feet that need casting, that most likely we'll need a pediatric wheelchair with leg rests, that most likely, it will be 6 weeks. 

These are not for sures.  These are worst case scenarios. 

On a lighter note, because I want to change the subject and not draw out all my thoughts on that last subject, Sage told Annika the other day that she is the prettiest girl in the whole world, even if she is bald! 

Sage made a calendar at school for us for Christmas.  The other night, he was writing family members birthdays in it.  He started looking for Aunt Krista's birthday, Oct. 20.  He said "Hey!  Who wrote 50, 51, 55, 53...?!"  He had written the 2's backwards and then couldn't read them and tried to blame it on someone else! 

Sage received his first Bible for Christmas.  We gave him an ESV and Drew had told him that Pastor Gregg uses a different version as they talked about following along in church.  The other day, Drew said something about the same thing being in his Bible.  Sage asked "How come it says the same thing, you said everyone uses a different version?!" 

Levi sat in his car seat today, grabbed one hand with his other hand and started hitting himself and saying "Why you hitting yourself, Yebi?" 

Then he counted to eleven tonight at dinner. 

Kolby is always the first (read: only) kid to notice when we take a different road than normal in the car.  He seems to have every route we drive regularly, memorized! 

I look through the pictures on our camera and want to cry for all that I haven't written about.  I am an amazingly blessed mommy!  And please know that I have been taking pictures of our sweet girl.  She is quite adorable.  Let's take a minute to brag on her.  She rolls from tummy to back and back to tummy.  And she's been doing it since she was 3 months old.  Although, she hasn't figured out that she can do them both.  Like she rolls from her back to tummy when she is on the floor and then she cries.  She is ready with a smile for almost anyone.  She wears really cute bows.  Not everyday, but often enough to make my heart happy.  Today, she wore a pair of zebra print skinny jeans.  I had to shake her into them and peel them down, but oh, the cute!  She is finally enjoying rides in the stroller and tolerates the car seat (she even falls asleep, but don't let her know that makes me happp).  She wakes up twice a night.  (Don't talk to me about that.)  She loves to sleep with me.  I really love for her to sleep in her own bed.  (I wake up so stiff from sleeping in such weird positions as she is always cradled in my arm.)  She has slept two nights in her own room.  I miss her.  I might bring her back.  It's not like it's helping her (or me) sleep better.  She drools all. the. time.  She sucks/chews on her hands, fingers, blanket, burp rag, shirt, or her favorite giraffe.  She is starting to spit up less (wahoo!).  We discuss almost daily if her eyes are going to be blue or brown.  Maybe she'll end up with one of each!  The small amount of hair she has looks darkish, although it is starting to look blondish, or it could be just the light reflecting off her bald head!  

I had told myself that I would start writing when we get the kids to bed.  I had told myslef that I would make this a happy only blog.  But, life isn't always happy, so I'm going with what we have.  And guess what?  It's pretty stinkin great.


  1. Love the post. You are so honest and real! And yes, you do have a fabulous family!

  2. Oh Precious,

    You make me laugh and cry all in one post and yes, you are blessed! (As am I!!!) THANK YOU for sharing! I love you!


  3. One of my favorite things about your writing is that you are real. My heart broke for Kolby about the wheelchair. I'm praying.

  4. will be praying for y'all and for kolby's upcoming dr visit. take it one day at a time...the future is overwhelming...or at least at our house it is.

  5. I'm hoping the appointment goes well today. Praying for the best case scenario for Kolby. Take care. And nobody expects happy-only anything, unless they are delusional, naive, or dishonest. Write what's going on.

  6. despite the heavy mixed in with the light, i laughed out loud during this post. ('why you hitting yourself, yebi?' got me.) and please post pictures of annika soon! i want to see the zebra print jeans!! :) and i, too, will be praying for kolby. thanks for keeping us updated.

  7. I said a Yippee! and Thank You, Jesus! when I saw your comment on Twitter yesterday for your Kolby. So thankful for your good news!

    I laughed at the thought of shaking your girl into and out of skinny jeans. Teach her early the price of cuteness. :)


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