Tuesday, December 28, 2010

If You Came To My House Today

You would see a 2 year old in Lighting McQueen undies.

You would see a red Ikea potty in our living room.

You would see a roll of paper towels and 409 at the ready.

You would see a missing rug in the living room.

You would see some sort of childrens show on tv.

You would see crumbs under my table.

You would see Legos on half of the table.

You would see girlie blankets draped across various pieces of furniture.

You would see children and their mom still in pajamas.

You would see toys scattered around the floor. 

You would see a pile of Christmas cards that didn't get hung.

You would see mail waiting for the post office.

You would see a mess.

And I'm okay with that.

What would I see at your house?


  1. A wreck left over from Christmas day and Mommy having been sick for the last 36 hours. At least your house sounds more productive than mine!

  2. perfect! Sounds like my house!! :) gotta love jammie days. That is actually our life ALOT of days. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Oh,one more thing you would see at my house...princess panties hanging to dry on the bath tub and shower curtain rod!

  3. haha..
    you would see piles of christmas toys that have not been put away, lunch still on the table, and i would be rocking our 2 month old the entire time because sleep is not his friend. which is the reason for the mess.

  4. I love this! What a great idea for a post. I'm going to have to write one of these myself (and I'll give you the cred). :)

  5. My baby is 13 now and I am still trying to desperately hold on to her younger days. The opened gifts are still piled around the tree. The family room is a wreck. The husband has been unemployed for 16 months and he is checking the boards for the latest job listings while sitting at the kitchen table. The TV is showing the Today Show.I am reading your blog and being inspired to hang on, there is a whole world out there just like us! Thanks for your posts and courage to write!

  6. hahaha...totally laughing at this, because it's what is at my house, too, and i couldn't be more blessed!


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