Friday, January 14, 2011

My Attitude Has Been...


Ever since I wrote my last post. 

I'm not blaming it on the post. 

In fact, I've been struggling for awhile. 

Maybe it's the 4 kids thing.  Maybe it's the I just had a baby thing (5 months ago, that counts as "just" right?).  Maybe it's the adjusting to kindergarten routine thing.  Maybe it's the adjusting to a new normal of lots of therapies thing.  Maybe it's all of them combined. 

I do know that I've been craving chocolatey cakey something all week and I just put a pan of brownies in the oven.

I do know that I felt better last week when I was exercising some.  (I started the Couch to 5K running program, by started, I mean I did it like 3 times last week and loved doing it and just haven't had time this week).

I do know that I would love to know who's read this little ole blog!  And according to some, it's National Delurking Day!

So, tell me a little about yourself.  How did you find my little corner slice itty bitty piece of the world wide web?  What do we have in common?  Tell me anything, what you ate for breakfast, what your favorite snack is, what your favorite color is.  Just tell me something! 


  1. Thank you for saying craptastic.

  2. 4 kids is a big job...I can't imagine having to get out all the time for therapy appointments, kindergarten, etc. I only get my kiddos out once or twice a week by myself, and one of those times is out to my mom's house so she can babysit the older 3. You're doing a great job!
    Now I might have to make brownies soon...that sounds good.

  3. : ) I'm Leah, Matt & Spring's friend. I love the honesty of the way you blog! Hmm... I don't remember how I initially found your blog... through Nealy's maybe? And hers via Kiley's. I have one little girl and enjoy the Christian mommy world view you share and experience you have and share. Cheerios for breakfast and my favorite color is gray.
    Thanks for blogging!!

  4. Our moms were best friends and I was 5 weeks old when I met you.

    That's how you know me. Oh, and I could never say your name right...

  5. I read! I met you at our Summer Bible study with Amanda and have been reading ever since. I also have 4 kids, all very young, and so your posts resonate with me like they're my own.

    I started the Couch to 5K in the fall. Did it faithfully for 4 weeks then November hit me like a 2 year old thrashes in his sleep.

    I started over 2 weeks ago, doing each level just 1 time instead of the 3peat until I was back up to week 4. Which kicked my boo-tay.

    Then hubs left for work again (Africa) and I had to take the kids running with me and they didn't like that, and then it got super cold outside, so here I am sitting on my sore boo-tay, in my snuggly, warm house, reading blogs and craving chocolate with you.

    I am thoroughly impressed that you actually blog. I think I used to have one myself...can't remember.


  6. I read! I felt "craptastic" for a little longer than just after having a five month old. You and your hormones will get there. In the meantime those chocolate brownies should help.

  7. I have been lurking, and I love your blog :)
    I started couch to 5k this week too! Today was day 3 and I am really loving it. I hope I can stick to it, not sure how I will be able to manage running in the summer here, but we will see! :)

  8. hey Kristy - I'm an official "lurker" :) I also have been craving something chocolate pretty much every day (can I say that?!)
    LOVE your blog. Your posts make me chuckle.... true honest motherhood... I love it.

  9. Hi K!

    I've been thinking about you lately and have been meaning to call. I do NOT know how you do it with four kids, newborn included! I don't blame you for needing some chocolatey cakey thing. ;)

    Plus I've been wanting to ask some motherly (mothering?) advice. About raising a two-year-old.

    When's a good time to reach you? It would be fun to catch up. Just heard you'll be here in July, yea! Can't wait to meet Annika. I think I've only seen one or two pictures of her!


  10. I love reading your blog too! Makes me smile every time....but it makes me miss you too. I was talking to a friend the other day who used to work in property management and one of her stories reminded me of you and your stories about the idiodic (is that a word?) tenants! :) The good 'ol days! :)

  11. I always check your blog. I love knowing what's up with you.

    Krista Laser

  12. I love to read how raw you are. It' s just refreshing to hear that not all blogging momma's have it all together, while knitting matching sweaters for all the kids, cooking organic well balanced meals all the time...yada yada!

    I think we all think we need to be "super moms" which doesn't help when added to the stress of caring for 4 little ones. You are doing great, they are all breathing...right? :)

  13. I love the blog! I have heard GREAT things about couch to 5k so good luck!

  14. you know me :) And I love reading your blog. You make me laugh, and your honesty is so refreshing. You're also a great writer!

  15. I have been a stalker for a while, but I found your blog from Annalee's. We don't know each other in real life, but we did pass eachother in the hallway yesterday at church, does that count?

  16. Hi Kristy, this is Matthew. I read your blog all the time! We were looking at wedding pictures the other day (since we just celebrated two years a week ago!) and there were a lot of fun pictures with you guys and even more with the boys; what I'm trying to say is, I wish you guys lived closer. :( Anyway, keep up the good work, you have a lot to balance every day but you do do such a good job! :) We look forward to seeing you all this summer and by then we'll have a little one of our own! :D Love to you and yours.

  17. I've been reading your blog for several years now and it's one of my favorite!! :) I love hearing about how you guys incorporate your faith into raising your kids. I actually learned a lot about disciplining my children from a post you did where you talked about praying with your children after you disciplined them. Coming from a home where things discipline wasn't done with love, reading your post was a huge help to me. My son was in PT, OT, and ST for quite a while and it was a HUGE time commitment. He is now done with all of them!! :) Hang in there, girl! You inspire me and you encourage me. And I say that sincerely. God bless!!


  18. I suppose everyone knows that your mother checks your blog every day, several, er... many times a day....and delights in every word you write! (As well as every picture you post and every twit you tweet!)
    Love you Punkin'

  19. i too really like your use of craptastic (but sorry you were feeling it) and love you in blog life and real life!

  20. I met you through the infamous Rach. And I'm so glad.

    Your 4 kids and my 4 youngest kids are all the same ages, within months of each other. I think you are an awesome mom and a lot of fun.

  21. It's your sister! I don't check your blog every day, and I wouldn't blame you if you never check mine anymore. Loved talking to you the other day--call me from the pickup line anytime!

  22. well, 1. you inspired me to get my nose pierced. 2. I love your kids and miss you all very much (Christmas was lonely without y'all) 3. I'm proud of you for doing the couch to 5K! I did that within the last few months and ran my first 5k on Thanksgiving. Hope your day goes better tomorrow :)

  23. I honestly can't remember how I first came across your blog, but I love it! I love that you're honest and real about life. Sometimes life sucks and sometimes life's a dream. But, at least we know God is always there with us through it all...still a daily reminder for me.

    I have started the Couch to 5K running program too! I am huffing and puffing as I run, jog, or whatever you call it a couple laps at a time. I am not a natural runner by any means, but I'm determined to do something so we'll see how it goes.

    I think you are an awesome mom so keep up the funny posts! They make my day! :)

  24. Hey Kristy....just wanted to encourage you on the Couch to 5k thing! I did it this summer and I thought it was totally do-able...and fun! (and I am a total wimp when it comes to running!) I love reading your blog because sometimes your days sound so much like mine! Have a good one!


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