Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Next Step

I feel like I need to catch my blog up to date so when we come back to read this someday,everything will make sense.

We decided to send Kolby to the sweet, little preschool after talking to the director and his teacher.  September brought teacher conferences and we faced a harsh reality.  He's doing wonderfully in school, he's smart and learning what he should.  We have always wondered if we were missing something with Kolby.  We could never really describe it, we couldn't put our finger on it, we could barely describe it, we just weren't quite sure. 

We had already scheduled Kolby for evaluations at a therapy center.  I was confident that he could use some physical therapy to help strengthen his calves.  (A side effect of club foot is small calves.)  And of course, speech.

The preschool teacher confirmed our suspicions.  She mentioned that Kolby had an awkward gait comparitively.  (Remember, we were coming off 2 weeks of a casting and that reallly made his gait awkward)  When we told her we were getting him evaluated, she was very glad.  It confirmed our thinking and at the same time made me sad. 

So, we did the initial evaluations and came back with a low muscle tone diagnosis. 

Kolby has been doing 2 hours of physical therapy, 2 hours of occupational therapy and 3 hours of speech each week (2 at the therapy center and 1 through the public schools). 

His teacher said she has seen big improvements in his big motor skills. 

At the same time, his physical therapist noticed that his feet arent working quite right.  I'm not sure how to describe it, but his heel isn't really hitting the ground all the time when he walks.  She suggested getting some orthotics.  We went today to get the castings of his feet, next Saturday we'll get the orthotics. 

Honestly, when she showed me the orthotics that Kolby is going to wear, I welled up with tears.  I wasn't expecting this.  I've always thought that we would be able to put club foot behind us.  And they just keep coming back.  The orthotist today said he would describe Kolby's feet as resistant club feet. 

There is so much I could say about Kolby.  And so much I don't know if I should.  So, I'm going to stop.

Just know, that I love him with my whole heart.  I love his resistant feet and all his quirks.  He challenges me in ways he doesn't know.  He makes me more dependant on Jesus.


  1. Oh Kristy, I am so sorry that this isn't something that was just FIXED once and then totally better, but instead is this long-term challenge for Kolby and you guys. What a hard thing... It can be such a hard road to love our babies, but you are doing such a good job loving him and taking care of him and being the mother God wants you to be.

  2. We are so proud of sweet Kolby and love him to piece. And I forgot to tell you the other day C asked for a brother like her friend Kolby. :)

  3. I love you and your whole family. Praying for every decision you are faced with.

  4. Kristy, this post made me cry. In fact, I'm still crying. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. As a physical therapist, (and a mom,) I have seen so many parents go through the emotions that you are going through, and it is never easy! But Kolby is SO BLESSED to have you as a mom. Seriously. So many parents ignore the signs, are too proud to get the evaluations, and too lazy to follow through with the countless appointments. They do their kids a disservice...and those are the kids that don't get better. Kolby WILL improve. Because you are doing a GREAT job. You are going to bat for him. And you are loving him WITH all of his 'diagnoses.' God made him just the way He wanted to, even as hard as it is to go through all the details of it! Love you, friend. Praying for you. So encouraged by your life, and your reliance on God's grace to get you through...

  5. Your natural loving Mother's heart for Kolby never wants to see him struggle or be different from other children.

    So thankful you also know and desire to live victoriously trusting God's loving plan, whether you understand it or not. Praying God's peace and comfort as you take the next step in the journey. Love, Aunt Sharie

  6. I echo the post Christy wrote...another friend of yours who is a PT and a mom! You are amazing, and your entire family is so blessed to have you and Kolby both! Kolby makes me smile everytime I see him! Have a Merry Christmas celebrating all the things the Lord has given us!


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