Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Don't Know What To Title This

If you've read my Twitter updates, you're already in the know.  But here's the rest of  the story.  Paul Harvey, anyone, no? Ok, moving on.

We drove to the big D on Sunday.  We planned to get up early and be there about 12:30 so we could lunch with my aunt and uncle.  But, then the alarm went off, or it didn't and all we heard was rain, lots of rain, raining. 

Sleeping in until the kids woke us seemed like the better option.  A whole hour later (insert something sarcastic here), we got up. 

Drew loaded the van while it poured rain and then came in to shower and get dressed.

And it stopped raining.

And we loaded the kids making sure we had the essentials of Diet Dr. Pepper (for me), gum (for Kolby- he is addicted- something about a sensory thing- okay the others like it too, but he always asks for it, like always, like he wakes up in the morning and asks for gum, chews a piece for an hour, spits it out and asks for another, maybe it's because it is was the first word that he could pronounce correctly so he got it whenever he asked for it or the sensory thing, whatever), suckers (for Yebi), the laptop, the iPod touch and the iPad (all for our sanity).  We also took (without realizing) Adventures in Odyssey.  (I listened to these growing up, on the radio, they are so good- entertaining and makes you use your imagination.)  Drew and I enjoy listening to them too.  Anyway.

We drove through some hazardous weather conditions, we almost called off our lunch but we made it.  Yes, we are from the midwest and we tend to hunker down when we see sleet and a temperature of 32.  And we get nervous about the other drivers on the road, obviously, we are superior being from the midwest. 

We made it.  We ate lunch.  We were glad we stopped.  Not only were my aunt and uncle there, but both of their kids and most of their families.  I hadn't seen them in at least 10 years.  And sadly, I've lived 4 hours away for almost 3.  My bad.  Also, my aunt is an amazing cook, she had turkey, yummy potatoes that my grandma used to make and my mom makes, corn, peas, cheesy broccoli, rolls and then 3 different desserts.  Her grandson ratted her out when I said how yummy the chocolate cake was when he said "Oh it was just from the freezer."

We stopped by our hotel and dropped off our luggage and then headed to The Village Church Northway Campus.  We were about the oldest people there.  And we're not old, or so we tell ourselves!  Also, our kids made up 50% of the childcare.  And, it was the first time we put Annika in the nursery.  In a different church, I'm kind of strange like that.  

Now, I'm skipping straight to the doctors appointment the next day at 11, because my word, I've used a lot of words.

He watches Kolby walk then run then takes some x-rays of his feet.  Then he talks to us, for about 20 or 30 minutes.  It comes down to, we took Kolby out of his night brace about 2 years too early.  I really want to defend us and say that we were told to discontinue use of the bar.  And then I want to follow that with, we weren't seeing a Ponseti certified doctor.  (IF YOU CAME TO MY BLOG BECAUSE OF CLUBFOOT, CLICK THAT LINK!!!)  And now, back to what the doctor was saying.  He said that the casts that we did with Kolby this summer helped tremendously.  He said that Kolby has really good dorsiflexion in both feet.  It could be better, but for a CF kid, it's really good.  He also said that yes, Kolby has an awkward gait.  And that just may be the way he walks.  And it's not a big deal.  He said the one thing that we could do to improve the dorsiflexion would be to lengthen the Achilles tendon.  He said if it were his kid, he wouldn't do that right now.  The risks don't out weigh the reward.  For now.  We're not ruling it out for the future.  We just have to see what happens.  He also said he doesn't like the orthotics that Kolby was wearing (for only 2 weeks, whew), they hold his foot, his muscles and tendons in a position that is bad for CF kids.  With CF kids, we want the foot turned out at as much as possible, we want those muscles to be stretching, not held in one place. 

I didn't let myself dream for one second that we would all walk out of the doctors office.

I didn't let myself think through details/logistics of what life with a wheelchair would be like.

I had determined to wait and see.  And I had such peace about it.  A peace that surpasses understanding.  I did worry, but I kept giving it back.  I physically lifted my arms and told God, this is Yours, You say to come before you with all requests with thanksgiving.  I told Him I would praise Him, no matter what.  Not to my glory, but to Yours. 

I literally wanted to shout "WAHOOO!!!!" in the parking lot.  I constrained myself. 

But, my heart was shouting. 

Thanks for caring, for reading that long, too many details review.  It was the best doctors appointment ever.  Also, Kolby was disappointed that he didn't get casts.  Go figure.


  1. That's great news!! You must be so happy!

  2. Moms can never have too many details...thanks for sharing....like all good kids, you make me laugh and cry.....again! And precious Kolby - ready to take in stride whatever God has for him; don't we all learn from that simple, childlike, commanded faith!
    Praising Him with you,


  4. Oh, that is such great news! It makes me so happy to hear that.

  5. Awesome, friend. Way to go on believing and trusting God through everything. I'm so happy that this turned out well!

  6. Great news! And next time you get awesome news, go ahead and shout.

  7. i'm still grinning ear to ear over this report. next time i see you there will be a verbal WAHOOO with no apologies.

  8. amen and amen! so very glad.

  9. Kristy, I was so happy for you on Monday when I read that Kolby didn't need any casts, etc, but it's great to read the rest of the details! I'm still so happy! Glad you got to see the Bodins too!

  10. Adding my praise and thankfulness to this posting for Kolby and you!


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