Tuesday, November 02, 2010

stream of camping

We went camping last weekend. 

We didn't leave when we planned.  We got there after dark.  And it was cold.

Annika cried 3/4 of the drive.

I forgot ketchup, syrup, eggs and the sleepywrap

I'm a babywearing mama who forgot her sling.

Drew had already set up the tent that morning.  And then drove home. 

Drew did all the work. 

He set up the tent. 

He blew up the air mattresses.

He rolled out the sleeping bags.  Set up the pack-n-play.  Laid out the pillows.

I changed the boys into warmer clothes.

Annika cried.

The boys went to bed.  I laid in there with Annika to nurse her to sleep.

I ended up falling asleep too. 

And then waking up at midnight FREEZING!  Seriously, 40 degrees. 

Saturday, Drew fixed bacon.  I forgot eggs and syrup so we skipped those. 

We ate hostess donuts.

The boys explored around our campsite. 

The boys played baseball.

I hit a homerun.

Drew struck out.

I held Annika.

We took a walk.  Taking turns who carried Annika and who took pictures. 

We ate hot dogs with no ketchup roasted over the fire for lunch.  

Drew took Sage and Kolby on a paddle boat.

Levi took a nap.

I read and held Annika. 

Drew packed up the tent.  I stuffed the sleeping bags and packed the bags back up.

He put away the camp kitchen.  Took the tent down, rolled it and put it in the bag. 

I rolled sweet potatoes in foil to cook in the fire. 

Annika cried.

I made a tin foil dinner of ham topped with pinapple and honey. 

Annika cried.

We ate dinner.

Roasted marshmallows for s'mores. 

Didn't eat enough s'mores.

Packed up. 

Drove home.

Sage slept.

Kolby slept.

Annika cried.

Levi talked.

We'll do it again.


And plan better.

Camping is a lot of work.

(Sorry no pictures, I have just enough time to write this. Maybe I'll add pictures later. I want to.  Life is busy.)


  1. I'm amazed you attempted such a feat with so many little kiddos. Hat's off to you. Annika doesn't seem like a big fan of roughing it, though.

    I grew up in outdoorsy CO in a camping/hunting/fishing/hiking family.

    I loathe camping. My poor children have never been! They are hotel children. I suppose one of these days, I'll make sure my husband takes them camping. I hope they have a good time.

  2. love hearing about all your adventures! So fun! Ya'll are brave. You do so much with 4 kids! I am so impressed!

  3. Sounds fun! I would love to see pictures :)

  4. You are amazing! I can't wait to see pictures and Chris can't wait for a family camping trip with you guys!! :)


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