Monday, November 15, 2010

How you doin?

Today was busy.  But, mostly because I made it busy.  I went to three different Targets to find a shirt.  I saw someone wearing it yesterday at church and had to have it.  It's perfect.  An open, drapey cardigan, super soft like a sweatshirt and I was in love.  I found it in heather gray at the first store but thought I wanted black.  The second store didn't have any of them.  And the third store had two in black, both the wrong size.  So, I bought the gray.  And I'm going to wear the threads out of it. 

Tonight I said "Holy Cow!"  Sage told me I said a bad word.  First, I had to ask him what I said.  Second, I had to ask him why it was bad.  I was genuinly confused.  He said "It doesn't honor Jesus.  And you're saying a cow is holy and it's not."  Um, put in place by a 6 year old.  Dang. 

This weekend, we had some friends from college come visit.  Last time we saw them, we had two kids and she was pregnant with their first.  Now, they have two.  It was so fun!  We ate and talked and talked and ate some more.  We played remember when and encouraged each other regarding our parenting skills.  I loved having them here and it just wasn't enough time.  We didn't even take any pictures.  So pathetic.

We're getting our family pictures taken this weekend.  I think I've got our outfits figured out.  I totally over thought them.  That's what I do.  I solicited advice from friends.  That's what I do.  I kind of wish someone would say, here, wear this.  And we'd all look totally fabulous.  You know, put together but not matchy-matchy.  I have a hard time thinking not matchy-matchy.  So, we'll go matchy-matchy this time, but next time, I'm gonna make Annalee help me more.  She did give advice and I did take it.  And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Tonight, we played trust falls.  You know, where one person falls and the person behind them, catches them.  Kolby thought it was so hilarious when Drew caught me.  At first, the boys couldn't fall.  I had to coach them to be stiff as a board.  They got it after I held their feet a couple times.  Drew totally dropped Kolby the first time I held his feet.  Not bad, but it made me laugh.  And Kolby got up and tried it again.  I'm not sure he even realized Drew dropped him. 

Whew.  I feel like I just talked a mile a minute.  {Breathe out.}  How are you?


  1. I've always wondered about "holy cow". I've had a little internal battle with it (that sounds way more dramatic than it really is). I've concluded that I think it came from that group of people that thinks cows are sacred. Who is that? Muslims? I don't know. So we facetiously say "holy cow!" like to mock them in a way. Or maybe to point out the silliness of a cow being holy. Or maybe I'm just overthinking this whole thing. I figure, it's better than saying "holy CRAP!"

  2. That reminds me of a conversation I had with my 7 year old last week. I asked her if any of the kids in her class ever said bad words. She said, "Yeah, Ein says 'What the heck' all of the time". I was bracing myself for the worst and this is what she said. I think we must be doing something right!

    Good luck with your family pictures!

  3. The fact that you played trust game with your family makes me smile. I thought of you today - the valet at my kids' pediatrician's office lost our keys. Two kids - with croup and ear infections, and no keys. No fun.

  4. I loved this post.

    I would like to see a picture of the sweater!

    LOVE that y'all played the trust fall game! SO FUN!

    You guys are awesome. :) Love you!


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