Thursday, November 11, 2010

No Years Old

Levi's birthday was yesterday and I've been meaning to write a post all about Levi since he was about 15 months old, so I started writing this about a month ago!

The thing is, putting words on Levi is like picking up a raw egg off the floor.  It's so slippery, it can't be done.  I'm afraid that describing him with words just won't be enough.  And weirdly enough, I'm afraid it will sound like I'm bragging, like "Look what my kid can do!"

So, look what my kid can do!

Levi, you are 2 years old or a better definition, No years old.

You have adjusted to Annika beautifully.  You love to hold her (you say hol her?) and bring me diapers.  You also love to climb into my lap while she nurses.  Sometimes I read you a book, sometimes we just talk.  Mostly me telling you that I love you.  And you saying back "I yove you, Mom."  Melt my heart sweet.

You can be super sweet.  You give lots of really good hugs and kisses.  You eagerly tell us you love us.  You yell good night from your crib.  When Drew leaves for work in the morning, you are often sitting in your chair at the table, and yell while he is opening the door "Yove you dad!"

Speaking of your chair at the table, you can buckle and unbuckle it.  You started unbuckling yourself right after Annika was born.  Unlucky for your mama who needs you to be safe and in one spot sometimes!  Luckily, you haven't figured out your car seat buckles!

You talk!  A lot! And repeat everything!  You have been talking since right around a year, maybe earlier.  You have amazed us with your talking.  You know how or at least you used to say mine correctly but now you say mise.  I have a hard time correcting that one because who wants their kid to say mine all the time?  You say never all the time.  It makes Kolby so mad.  But when someone asks a question, usually to go somewhere or eat something you respond with "No. Never." 

For a couple of months, you were crying when we put you to bed.  It was just about 10 minutes but we couldn't figure out why you were crying.  And then we went on vacation and you slept in the same room as Sage and Kolby and you didn't cry.  When we got home, we moved your crib into the boys' room and you stopped crying!  (This was a month or two before Annika was born.)

Then you started crying again.  We would tell you to climb into your crib and watch as you tried so hard to get into bed.  And then we'd laugh a little and lift you in.  We soon realized that you were upset that you couldn't get into your bed like your brothers did.  So, now we make sure to lower the crib rail, you climb in and no crying!

You count to nine.  I'm not kidding and no I didn't teach you.  We were driving home after dropping Kolby off at school and I hear your little, high pitched voice counting to nine.  I couldn't believe it.  I made you do it again and you couldn't.  Then a week or so later, you did it again.  You love to look at books and count things in the book.  You also know some colors.  Again, I didn't teach you.  You know blue, green and red every time.  Sometimes you get yellow and purple.

You point out every school bus and motorcycle you see.  You used to point out every car or truck.  So, when I was driving you would look out the window and say "Car, truck, truck, car, car, truck."  On and on.  And you were excited about everyone that you saw!

You can name a monkey, tiger, squirrel, giraffe, elephant, bird, snake, dog, and cat.  You love to tell us what they say.  I love to ask you what a monkey says because I love the way you say ooh, ooh, aah, aah. 

You like to pretend that you are a dog.  You crawl around and bark, which is more like a yap.  If you were classified, you would be one of the annoying yip yap dogs!  And you lick us when you are pretending to be a dog.

You have also been seen pretending to be a frog.  Hopping around on all fours saying ribbit!

When you play with your trains and track, you yell "All aboard!"

You have been pretending for a long time, since around 15 months.  You would feed us pretend food from pretend dishes.   

You can name everyone in our family from a picture or when someone points to them.  You call Kolby, Bolby.  (Sage used to say Holby)  You say Anka.

When asked:

What's you name?  Yebi!
How old are you?  BIG!
How old are you? One.
Who made you?  God.
Where is God?  Everywhere. (while spreading both of your arms out)

You love cheese sticks.  You will literally eat as many as I let you.  You eat whole grapes and have for a long time.  I would cut them up and you wouldn't eat them because they didn't look like the ones on your brothers plate.

You chew gum.  It rarely makes it to the garbage, you swallow it first! 

You want to do everything your brothers do and generally, you keep up and do what they do!

You are either Kolby's best friend or worst enemy.  You enjoy antagonizing him.  If he yells yes, you yell no.  If he yells no, you yell yes.  It' s really fun in the van as you make Kolby cry just because you are yelling the opposite of whatever he is saying.  (Totally sarcastic.)

As soon as you are sitting on the time out step, you yell "Sowwy mom, sowwy!"  Sometimes, it gets you out early.

So many times a day, you say "Noise?"  And then you answer yourself "Anka cwying?"  Or you start guessing other people's names.  Or if we're in the car, you say "Car honking?" And you look at me with a questioning look on your face and will continue to guess until I tell you the source of the noise.

Levi, you are complete sunshine, except when you're laying face down on the floor crying.  But, even then, I still (usually) smile and laugh a little, but not while you are looking at me.  I look forward to you waking up in the morning.  You make me laugh.  You make me smile. You are the perfect third born son.  I love you to the moon and back.


  1. Aw, happy birthday, Levi! What an amazing little person he is... It's just another 6 weeks or so until Violet is 2; crazy!

  2. he is sunshine. love all the pictures.

  3. That was perfect! Oh, how I love little Levi!!! You are exactly right, it's so hard to describe him. So funny, so smart, he's just so Levi. Happy birthday sweet Levi!

  4. What a sweet blog on Levi ~ I enjoy getting to 'know him from afar' thru your Mommy's loving words and pics! Thanks so much for posting.

  5. loved this!! What a cutie and a sweetie! Great pictures, too!! BTW, When I look at Levi, I totally see Sage!! Ever heard that before? Happy Birthday, Levi!

  6. I laughed and smiled so much reading this. Happy belated birthday, Yebi! You are greatly loved!

  7. Happy Birthday Levi!! We love you so much and that sweet voice of yours!

  8. Happy Belated birthday to Levi. He is so darling.

  9. i love that little man of yours. this post could not be more precious about him.

  10. I LOVE this post! It's bittersweet, though--I wish we could see you guys more!


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