Sunday, August 22, 2010

stream of conciousness

Last week, Annika and I continued to get her heel pricked and I continued to be Queen of the Valet as Gretchen kindly named me!  Seriously, I parked valet almost everytime, and everytime, they greeted with me a big "Hello!", left my van in the circle and put my key in a special place.  It was especially helpful on Friday when I took all 4 kids by myself.  It was our first outing the five of us and it went really smoothly.

Sage starts kindergarten tomorrow!  We met his teacher and got to see his classroom.  I am so excited for him, he's so excited.  I can't believe he's going to kindergarten.  He got the teacher that I would have chosen for him.  She seems so sweet.  I'm preparing for his first week to be emotional for both of us.

Kolby gets his cast off on Tuesday!  And we'll find out the next step.  I'm excited and of course, nervous.  We've made some big decisions regarding Kolby.  We decided to not send him to preschool and Drew and I will do preschool with him at home.  I'm reallly excited about it for a number of reasons.  I think he and I will love having this time together and he will really thrive with one on one attention from me.  I pray that he and Levi will learn to love each other more and play together better.  Sometimes, they do great and sometimes, Levi is an antagonist.  We're going to take it one year at a time and see what he needs.  He'll still do some speech through the public school.

Last week, Drew's sister, Krista came to help.  She was such a help!  This week, I'm all on my own.  I can do it!

The boys have adjusted really well.  They aren't overly excited about her, but they are sweet towards her.  Does that make sense?

I need to write a post about Levi.  I start and stop in my head because to describe him in words is so hard.  He's so funny.  And so smart.  And so naughty.  And so funny.  He can buckle and unbuckle his high chair.

I can't believe Sage is starting kindergarten tomorrow!

Our house got really small, how did that happen?  And I got really anal about having clutter out, it makes me twitch.  Sage loves to clutter the top of our bookshelf because he can reach it and the other boys can't, so he puts things up there that he doesn't want them to get and it drives me crazy!

I need to stop writing.  I could go on and on. 

I will get out of the house today.


  1. Wow...lots of big things happening in your house. I am sad that Kolby and Ellery will not be in Pre-K together but happy that you came to a decision that is best for him.
    I would love to chat sometime. I need your email or phone number because I would really like to bring y'all dinner sometime soon!

  2. Loved the post! You are fabulous! Sounds like God has given ya'll so many blessings during this new transition with Annika. Thanks for sharing. And yes, you can do it this week! :)

  3. Loved all of this! YOU are amazing!

  4. How did Sage like kindergarten? I get to pick up Grace this week at 1:45 (out early for mini-conferences for parents). Was so cute to see the little kindergartners come out...and watch the proud, anxious, happy faces of the parents as they waited for their little ones! It's a big adjustment for the whole family! But a fun one too. Enjoy this season of life...though the days might seem long, the years pass so quickly!!

    Hope to see new pics of the 4....babies change daily (diapers even more often).
    Love, Aunt Sharie

  5. You are going to do awesome with Kolby's preschool stuff!!

    Miss you!

  6. I hope you enjoyed getting out of the house.

    I remember the feeling of our house in VT shrinking after I had Eliza. It wasn't very big to start off with and then adding in another person... I was so thankful for the extra space in the house we moved into in New Mexico!


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