Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Thoughts

Annika's billirubin is still high.  15.0 today, down from 15.1 yesterday.  She's supposed to be in the billi bassinet as much as possible.  Right now she is sleeping on my chest which is absolute perfection.  Not as perfect was when she spit up on me after nursing, all over my clean nursing tank!  Oh well, she's worth it.

We've been to the hospital everyday since Thursday and will go back again tomorrow and probably Monday.  And yes, I 've parked valet everyday for free and they even leave my van in the circle, moving it only if needed.  In fact, yesterday, they didn't let me walk the 100 feet that they had parked it, instead having me wait for them to drive it around the circle again.  And then he folded up my stroller for me. 

And yes, they smile, wave or say hello when they see me get out.

The boys seem to be adjusting well.  Kolby and Levi are pretty enamored with her.  They ask to see her and ask about her.  Kolby likes to hold her.  Sage is more like "eh, whatever, a new baby."  He's adjusting to being a big helper as I need him to hold Levi's hand to get to our house from the van. 

I look forward to having a morning where I don't get up and get ready to go to the hospital for a heel prick.  But putting it in perspective helps, she's not in the hospital, it could be so much worse.

Physically, I'm feeling really great.  I know it is God's grace and his face shining down on me. 

Kolby got his cast changed yesterday.  He wasn't scared of the saw at all!  He laughed the entire time they used the saw.  He picked blue this week.  He'll wear it until next Tuesday when the doctor is back in town and at that appointment, the doctor will determine if he needs surgery on his foot to move a tendon.  I'm not thinking about it unless we have a need. 

And in total honesty, Kolby is having many accidents again.  Both.  It started before he got the first cast but got worse with the cast.  I'm at my witts end with this.  I kind of feel like he's playing us.  He stops getting candy and praise for doing what he needs to do and then he goes back to going in his underwear.  It's really frustrating.  We keep telling him his preschool won't let him come if he doesn't act like a big boy.  I'm really considering pulling him out.  Maybe he just isn't ready. 

If only each kid came out with an individualized instruction manual.  

Sage starts kindergarten a week from Monday.  I still need to register him.  It's on the list of things to do Monday before noon.  Along with get another billi check (most likely) and pick up Drew's sister from the airport. 

In other news: life, it just doesn't stop.


  1. I love you, sweet friend. I will be praying for Annika and Kolby. It's great to hear that God's grace is all over you right now. You are a great mom!

  2. A personalized instruction manual for each child would be nice, but it would be a huge book from newborn to college age. An 'adult children' (single, newly married, married w/ children) manual would certainly be helpful too! Once a Mom, always a Mother's heart toward your children.

    Fun,busy season of family life! Give Annika a kiss for me!

  3. You are doing well in your mothering and God will give you wisdom for every situation - many times we need to keep asking and then wait... He chose YOU to be Mommy to Sage, Kolby, Levi and now Annika..... His grace will get you through it all!

    Love you,

  4. Life doesn't stop, you are right. Will pray for Kolby and Annika. Honestly, friend, your struggles with Kolby are an encouragment to me. I feel like everyone I know has these perfectly developing kids (not that Kolby is not perfect, you know what I mean) and your honesty really brings me hope and peace that each child is so different and that's okay.
    Hope that came out right. :)

  5. You are an AMAZING mom! I wished that I lived closer so your boys could come play at our house and you could get some rest. We had to do the every day tests with Cash, too. I think it went on for over a week. No fun. Hang in there!


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