Friday, August 06, 2010

Kolby's Casted

It felt like forever in coming and then such a non-exciting event. I've been anticipating this doctor's appointment for 2 weeks. Will I like the doctor? Will he agree with the first prognosis? I didn't sleep well at all last night. Not surprising being 9 months pregnant but worse than usual. I could tell I was anxious. I kept giving it back to God, but it kept eating at me.

He listened to my story, felt Kolby's foot for dorsiflexion, asked if I wanted to start casting today and told us to meet him in the casting room while asking Kolby what color cast he wanted.


Walking into the casting room, a flood of memories came rushing back. A little baby boy lay on one of the casting tables waiting to get his tiny blue casts removed. He didn't look like Kolby in anyway. He had dark hair and smooth chocolaty skin. But, I saw my little Bo. I saw my little white, chubby, dark haired baby. Kicking his legs a little as he waited so patiently for one of the cast men to remove his casts. His mom stroked his face, just like I used to stroke Kolby's, knowing that as soon as the saw started, there would be tears and cries, but all because we love you and want to see you walk and run someday. I choked back tears as I situated Kolby on his cast table.

Kolby immediately turned against the cast as soon as he heard the saw. He didn't want red anymore. He didn't want any color. His way of saying he didn't want a cast. I talked about how the cast will help him to be able to play football, baseball, basketball and to run fast. He protested but didn't fight.

And then we found out he gets to wear a special boot so he can walk. I was relieved we don't have to deal with crutches. When he hopped off the table, he needed a hand on each side but then he got it, it all clicked and he was hobbling around.

My own little Tiny Tim.

We have a week to talk about the saw and how it doesn't really hurt. I think we'll wait a few days to bring up that conversation. And maybe his mom won't be so emotional in the cast room next time.


  1. LOVE it! I have that picture on my computer desktop as my reminder of God's impeccable timing! :)

  2. All the kids are going to be jealous. Seriously. So glad he got the boot!

  3. Using my virtual Sharpie and signing his cast. What a little trooper.

  4. It really does "work" for him. I don't know if that even makes sense. He looks so cute. If he has trouble sleeping with it, wrap it in a blanket or have him put a pillow between his legs. That worked for me when I was all braced up. I wish I would have signed Bo's cool cast today!

  5. beautiful post. I got teary-eyed, myself, just reading it! Give Kolby a big hug from all of us over here. And give yourself a hug, too. You are a fabulous mom!

  6. hi kiki! i wrote you back on my post, but wanted to make sure you got it. the head bands are from lou & lee on etsy. LOVE them.

    oh, your precious boy. i'm going to say a prayer for him right now to not be frightened of the saw next time. how difficult this must be for your mama heart!

    AND--i see you're having an annika! love that. our anika is SUCH joy. wish you the best in your final days of pregnancy and labor!

  7. That is just the sweetest picture of your Bo! He is really adorable. I LOVE the red and I love that you called him your own little Tiny Tim. So sweet!!

  8. He looks so grown-up with his new haircut. And you are an amazing mom.

  9. Hi, Kiki! I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago, and have been reading it since! I, too, have a son with a club foot, and you have really inspired me with your steadfast positive outlook on it all! Thanks! I would love to chat by email, as I do not blog. My address is Also, YOU LOOK AMAZING! And your children are such cutie pies!!


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