Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We had picked up Drew's sister from the airport and Annika decided she was hungry.  We were still 30 minutes from home so I decided to find a parking lot and feed her.

I heard Kolby say "Drive, Mom!"

Sage responded "She can't!  She's milking!"


  1. Too cute! Annika was milking! LOL!

  2. Ha ha!!! Loved your birth story too, BTW. Made me want to have another!

  3. Ha ha! Moo, for sure.

    One of my boys called it "breasting" when he was a little guy. Cracked me up every time he said it.

  4. I love it! I remember Britta asking me if that was where Sammy got her french fries. And Chase, at the county fair, asked me if some of the pigs were the milking pigs.

  5. When I shared this story with some friends, they advised that this is the sort of tale for which Reader's Digest pays money to the author!

    Go for it!

    Can't quit laughing,


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