Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Day Home

We got up early and started getting ready to go back to the hospital for a simple billiribon test. 

Sage, Annika and I went, Kolby and Levi were still at a friends house. 

To make things even simpler, I parked valet. 

After we waited to be admitted for 30 minutes, the heel prick went fast. 

We paid for valet and sat down to wait.  And wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Then, we waited some more.  After 20 minutes, the valet man came up to me and asked if it was a single key or if it was on a keychain and what color is the key.

Then we waited some more.  After about 10 more minutes, I started to walk towards the valet desk, as they walked towards me. 

My key is lost.  They're going to look a little more. 

More waiting and 15 minutes later, the key is really lost. 

Arrangements are made to drive the 3 of us home, get a spare key and come back to pick up the key. 

I had seperated the van key from the rest of my keys so I had the clicker to get the infant seat. 

Drew taught me that.  Always seperate the keys.  Don't give them all the keys.  I always rolled my eyes. 

Thankfully, today, I rolled my eyes as I did it myself. 

And then, they lost my key. 

The manager thanked me for not freaking out and for seperating my keys.  She felt like they would find it by noon tomorrow.  If not, we'll take steps to replace the key.

I got two complimentary valets.

5 minutes after we drove away, she called. 

They found my key.

So, tomorrow when we go back for another billirubin test, valet or no valet?


  1. I would have started crying after that phone call.

  2. i say valet (with a spare key in your purse) because it's free, right? i'm sure they'll remember you and be extra nice.

    congratulations on your beautiful girl!

  3. Valet! They will remember you and they will guard your key with their very lives.

  4. oh, so happy for you! your annika is beautiful!

    i say valet. it can't happen again, right?!

    enjoy these sweet, sweet days!!

  5. No valet! Geeze, I was getting upset for you just reading this! I should probably head to bed. Glad you are one cool cucumber :)

  6. i can't believe that! it's always something, right?! birth story please :)


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