Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Morning Ramblings

Last night I was putting Levi to bed, I prayed and he was still snuggling against me so I asked him if he wanted me to sing.  He nodded yes.  So I started singing Jesus Loves Me.  He looked up at me, smiled, and reached his hand up to cover my mouth and said shh, shh. 

I laughed.  And now he does it everytime I sing. 

I built a tent this morning  for the boys in the living room.  They are happily watching Sesame Street from the tent.  At 9:30, Sage said this was the best day ever.  We had made lemonade and Rice Krispie Treats.  I'm thinking they might get to sleep in the tent tonight.  I'm going for best mom award.  Fully knowing that title can be stripped from me at any moment. 

I wish Starbucks deivered.  There is a Starbucks about half a block from my house and sometimes that still feels too far.  Especially when I've vowed to not leave the house today. 

I still feel shocked that we're having a girl.  Not that the shock has stopped me from buying some clothes!  Apparantly, I like polka dots. 

We decided to not transition anyone to a new room yet.  So, I won't be decorating for a little girl yet.  I returned the bedding that I had purchased before we found out she was a girl!  It was cute, polka dots, but I didn't love it.  It matched the green of the room and the brown quilt that is on the queen bed.  We're going to get some kind of bed for our room and have the baby in with us and see how things play out.  Levi cries still going to bed and I'm not ready to take him out of his crib.

Kolby has a birthday party to attend tomorrow at the zoo for twin boys.  I got them squirt guns. 

I feel the baby move quite a bit.  She seems lower than my other babies.  Drew and Sage have felt her move too.  Next month is my glucose screening test.  No eating after midnight.  Have I blocked that out?  I totally don't remember that. 


  1. Marketa slept in our large walk-in closet for the first year + of her life. She finally has her own room at our new place now that we have space. Not for long, though...the rooms aren't so big, so she'll have to share with baby brother once we move him out of our room.

  2. I have the delivering Starbucks thought at least once a week. They would make such a killing!

  3. 1. You are totally the best mom.
    2. Caroline sometimes says NO NO NO when I sing.
    3. I have been contributing to sweet Annika's closet little by little. Chris says I am addicted. :) Maybe....
    4. I don't remember the no eating after midnight. I hope your appointment is at 7 or something.

  4. My glucose test is my next appointment, too. They said nothing about fasting, and I am OLD and crotchety by obstetrical standards. They usually make us jump through a lot of hoops.

    I totally laughed when I read about Levi shushing you. Ryley did the same thing when he was a toddler. I guess he was not a fan of my singing.

  5. man, you are super mom! can i come watch sesame street in the tent too? i'm in love with that baby moving feeling. nothing beats it. so neat!
    ps- still laughing about the great zoo trip of 2010. can't stop thinking how glad i am i got a season pass so we can relive it again and again and again:)

  6. I am going to remember polka dots when I go shopping! I sing to Mollie at night before I lay her down and when I am singing she starts laughing?
    My singing is so bad my 2 year old laughs at me. This is gonna sound weird, but I miss feeling a baby kick inside me. It's one of those things that only us women can experience.

  7. loved the post! Great mom, great lady! And I am stealing your Seasame Street tent idea. Genius!


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