Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Technically, I didn't lock us out of the house...

this time.

We dropped Kolby off at school and went to the grocery store. 

Everything got checked off the list.  With a couple of additions, two- 1/2 gallons of ice-cream because Blue Bell was on sale.

Baggers decided that the blue cooler bags were optional for cold food and bagged the cereal and canned goods in them instead.  Was slightly irritated but decided it would be okay because I was going straight home. 

Park the van.  Get Levi out of car seat.  Practice walking with Levi while holding my hand.  No melt down, this time. 

Go to unlock the deadbolt.  The key spins around and around.  Deadbolt remains locked.

Call Drew.  Because he's who I call.  He calls locksmith.  The same locksmith that came to our house about 3 weeks ago when I did lock us out of the house.  Did I write about that? 

Go back to van, have Sage "watch" Levi so that I can repack our grocery bags so nothing melts.  Decide the 3 gallons of milk will be okay. 

Levi digs in dirt with his finger and brings me a finger of dirt to wipe off every couple of minutes.

Groceries are rearranged.  Sage pretends to drive van.  Levi sits in Kolby's car seat.  I clean up trash from van.

I spy a turtle.  Show Sage and Levi.  We go to see it up close.  He hides in his shell.  I ask Sage if he wants to touch it.  He doesn't.  I touch the shell.  Levi pets the turtle.  Sage finally touches the turtle.  We marvel at the hardness of the shell and how cool it is that the turtle can pull himself in and hide away from us.  The turtle keeps his head out a tiny bit, quickly pulling it back whenever Levi's little hand comes near him for a quick petting.  I think about how getting locked out of our house wasn't so bad.  I would have been putting away laundry or groceries and missed out on how cool God's creation is.  Wish I had my camera.

The lock guy arrives and opens door.  And made it look easy.  Start to think I might be an idiot. 

Indeed, the lock was broken.  Glad to not be an idiot. 

The lock was so old it had to be replaced instead of fixed. 

$70 later, no cold stuff ruined, and getting to see my boys marvel at a turtle, not so horrible.

Not that I enjoyed spending $70 on a lock, it just didn't ruin my day.  


  1. Good story and encouraging perspective on your day. (The $70 lock replacement would have happened anyway!)

  2. SO glad your ice cream kept... when I saw your title and then started to read and saw the words "ice cream" I started to worry!!

    How cool that you all made a fun memory while you waited. Redeeming an unfortunate situation! :)

  3. Your perspective is perfect.

  4. Reading that made me feel like I was actually right beside you! I am glad that turtle crept along when you needed him the most. He probably had plans to visit his Aunt Terry Turtle but God was urging him toward the Steffen family. I bet he's glad his plans with her fell through and he met y'all instead. :)


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