Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap

Saturday we woke up bright and early and went to the Aid Sudan 5k.  The plan was to register the boys for the 1k and I would walk/run with them and Drew was running the 5k. 

The plan was set in motion.  I registered the boys.  Then decided I needed to go to the bathroom. 

I stood in line for 1 minute, heard the start for the 1k and walked back to where Drew was with the boys.

Except he wasn't there.  I couldn't see him anywhere.  It's not like he's short and he was pushing our big, orange, double stroller. 

I walked around.  I looked at the people walking/running in the 1k.  He had vanished.

Except he hadn't.  He was within a few feet of where I left them.  I just couldn't see them.

I braced myself for the boys' disappointment.  It didn't come.

I spotted donuts.  (The irony of donuts at a 5k run isn't lost on me.) 

We collected their t-shirts, chatted a little and made our way to the finish of the 5k to see Drew finish. 

It was at a park and the boys wanted to play but it was really small so we took them to a different park. 

Then we went home and got Kolby and I ready to go to a birthday party at the zoo. 

I was really regretting going, I just wanted to take a nap.  Kolby and I ended up having so much fun.  The party was easy going, Kolby got a carousel ticket, it was just enjoyable.  We got to walk around the zoo and see whatever Kolby wanted to see.  That doesn't happen often for the middle child.

When we got home, Sage had requested to play Monopoly.  Sage, Drew and I played.  Kolby and Levi played outside with the sand table.  We didn't finish, but I'm pretty sure Sage beat us pretty badly.  He had Park Place and Boardwalk and had a house on Boardwalk.

We finished the day with burgers, fries and grilled asparagus.  A great meal for a great day.

After the boys were all in bed, Sage and Kolby sleeping in a "tent" in their room (they've now slept in it for 3 nights), Drew made us strawberry chocolate shakes.  The perfect ending to a perfect day. 

Levi woke up with a fever this morning.  Drew stayed home from church with him.  We were convinced he was teething.  But then Levi fell asleep on Drew's lap twice. 

We've been meaning to buy a new thermometer, almost every time one of our kids gets sick.  I just kept putting it off.  My $3 one worked just fine.  Until Levi gets a fever and screams the whole time while I hold his arm down to get a reading.  Drew got a thermoscan from Costco.  Just scan it across the forhead.  In like 2 seconds, you get the temperature.  I highly recommend it.  It would also make a great baby shower gift.  We paid for it, I just have really enjoyed it today.  I'm even going to check his temperature before I go to bed. 

Good night!


  1. m yeah ... can relate on the fever. Amalie's had a fever since Thursday.

    My thermometer vent: we have a cool one. But now it's out of batteries. (It's been getting a work out. And maybe it didn't prefer anal? The doctor on call made me do it!) Apparently it's batteries are magic batteries because target, walmart, and walgreens don't carry them.

  2. I NEED to get one of those thermoscans... I am the worst mother. I still take C's temperature in her hiney. Thinking she is a bit too old for that.

  3. i have always wanted one of those thermometers! too cool. our kids had a tent too- then it broke :( very sad days!

  4. we got a thermoscan when Norah was born, b/c I was too chicken to ever do rectal temps without Tim home to hold her legs still, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. i have even checked my kids' fevers in the middle of the night without waking them up! amazing!

  5. I'm so jealous of your thermoscan. Maybe I'll ask for that for Mother's Day. Ha!

  6. Um, I meant to say rectal. Is sorry. :)


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