Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas! 4 days later

I feel like I have to tell you about our Christmas. It was great. We spent our first Christmas as just our small family, no traveling. And, we really liked it.

We went to church on Christmas Eve. Next year, remind me to have cute outfits planned for all of us cause that's what most people did. And you know me, always wanting to be like everyone else. Not really, but they just looked so cute that I would really like to be that cute too. Church was good too, heehee. Really, it was fun, we sang hymns, heard a short sermon and lit our candles. Drew held one with Kolby and Sage and I held one, while I also held Levi. I tried not to be too nervous. I think Sage was more nervous than I was.

We had a yummy dinner of homemade pizza. So traditional. Then the boys opened a present from Drew's aunt and uncle. It was awesome and they love it. Then they opened matching jammies. So cute.

The boys went to bed so quickly and easily after making sure there were 3 (one from each boy) sugar cookies set out for Santa.

Then the elves went to work. We just had a few gifts to finish wrapping and stockings to stuff.

Christmas morning came bright and early, 6:30. We opened presents and were done by 8:30. Then we started constructing legos, watching movies, and playing with everything.

We went to a friends for brunch, went through a car wash and came home to do more of the same.

I made fettuccine, salad, garlic bread, and a cake for Jesus' birthday. Sage had requested a cake and then told us he didn't want to eat it for dessert. We made him eat cake. What kind of parents are we?!

I'll post pictures later. Kolby got a Cabbage Patch newborn baby, named Tristan. He is so sweet and cute with him. He sleeps with him all cuddled up, he takes him everywhere. It makes my heart happy.


  1. I had a Cabbage Patch baby named Tristan! I got to go to the Cabbage Patch headquarters (in Georgia) and watch him be born. They actually pulled him from a head of lettuce! So funny!
    Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas!
    Miss seeing you guys, but hopefully we will see you soon!

  2. To this day, our family tradition is to have homemade mini-pizzas for Christmas Eve dinner! They are the best and all of us refuse to let the tradition die.


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