Sunday, December 14, 2008

What I've been up to

Thursday night, I went to Converge with my friend, Becca from my Bible study. We left at 6pm for a 30 minute drive and it ended up taking us 1.5 hours. Houston traffic, gotta love it.

Anyway, Converge was incredible. We missed Cece Williams, but since I'm not familiar with her music, I don't know what I missed! We got there in time for Travis Cottrell who has an amazing voice. He sang one Sunday at our church and I've been wanting his Christmas cd ever since. My mother in law just sent us some new Christmas cd's and his was one! Thanks Judy! Anyway, I so enjoyed listening to him and worshiping. Then, Beth got up to speak. And wouldn't you know, Levi decided that at 8:30, he needed to be awake after sleeping most of the day? I stood/sat out in the hallway but was still able to hear what she had to say.

Her first point was that in this Advent season, Look for Him! So many times, we miss things of Jesus because we aren't looking.

She spoke from Luke 1 about Zechariah and Elizabeth, how they were people who were obedient to God, blameless in his sight, good people but who lived with a lifetime of disappointment. Disappointed because they weren't able to have children. She talked about how disappointment can become a stronghold in our life. Disappointment that we let turn into bitterness. And then we start to doubt God. And start to believe that he is against us. She said that we have to believe that God is for us. It made me think about how Drew will say that he and I are on the same team. (I forget sometimes and think he's working on the opposite team.)

She also said that it's a blessing when what comes naturally to most, comes supernaturally to you because it gives all the glory to God.

It was a really great evening and Becca and I had good conversation and yummy Sonic tator tots on the way home.

Saturday we took the boys to Candy Cane Lane at our church. It was like a mini carnival. There were pony rides, bounce houses, mini ferris wheel, mini tea cups, mini swings, a petting zoo, cookie decorating, hot chocolate making, an ornament to make, it was really cool. The boys had a lot of fun, mostly. Kolby wants to do all the rides and is scared of nothing, Sage, not so much. He was kind of grouchy. And then fell asleep in the car at noon on the way home. There was a camel, a real, live, huge camel. I was shocked. The things our church pulls off, amazes me.

Last night was our Sunday School Christmas party. We tasted fried okra for the first time. It was okay, not great. Kind of tasteless. We got made fun of for not knowing what it was and having never tasted it before. We did a White Elephant gift exchange and the present was supposed to be worth $20. We didn't know what to bring so we picked up a $20 gift card to Goode Bar-b-Que. Next year, we won't be so generous. We came home with a Christmas flag. We had a lot of fun though.

Today was church and as we were strapping the boys in the car, my friend, Amanda calls to see if we want to meet for lunch! We took them to our favorite artery clogging deli, Sam's. We had a really fun lunch talking, laughing and getting to know them better. Sage and Kolby had fun with Jackson too. It's kind of funny to watch 3 little boys together. We had to tell them to not hit each other in the playful way little boys do and no spitting. The things that boys think are fun to do to each other!

Now that you know more than you wanted about my life, go read my brothers blog about being a square peg. He's got a great point!


  1. Chunk I love what a social butterfly you have become in Houston. What blessings of a church and new friendships that God has bestowed up on you there!

  2. I must know immediately what source your first fried okra came from. Was it from a restaurant or homemade? Did you have any ranch dressing or gravy to dip it in? The ultimate in fried okra, in my opinion, is at Spring Creek BBQ. We will make sure you get to try it soon.

  3. Ok, I have to defend fried okra.
    You are right, it wasn't good last night, but that was not a fair first taste. GOOD fried okra is crispy and has a lot more flavor! Sorry that I picked on you, I just thought everyone ate fried okra. It is a staple in my diet!
    Sorry that you got stuck with the Christmas windsock, but I still think it was better than the "party box" that we first opened! It was a fun night and I am so glad that you guys got to make it. And Thanks for letting me love on Levi! I needed a baby cuddling fix and he is the perfect baby for it!
    Thanks for encouraging me to go to Converge. I definitely needed to be there to hear that word!

  4. Klhark said "bestowed". and.... Muchos gracias for de link!

  5. you are completely justified in your impression of fried okra. justified! (i'm searching my brain for a south dakota counterpart that is equally tasteless yet's all about the regional specialties, right?)

    it's hilarious to think of reminding little boys not to spit!


  6. Mmmmm, I LOVE fried okra! Hope it's better next time! :o)


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