Saturday, January 03, 2009


Drew has been home all week, so we've had a staycation of sorts. It has been so nice, I've gotten an unbelievable amount of errands done, mostly kid free. Levi usually hangs with mom.

We had some friends over on New Years Eve for pizza and some Wii play. They left about 10:15 and we decided to keep Sage up for the 11:00 ball drop. All 3 of us changed into jammies and started watching. Sage's eyelids got really heavy and the next thing we knew, he was asleep. We woke him up once. He changed positions and fell back asleep. We woke him again and he laid across Drew and fell asleep again. This time, we woke him right as the ball dropped. He wasn't thrilled with the new year.

I might have cried a little watching Dick Clark. It made me sad to listen to him speak. And it was a little unnerving to hear him and also see how he looks exactly the same. And I didn't enjoy watching him kiss his wife. Enough said.

Do you ever feel like you can't pull it together?

That's how I feel about this impending trip for my brother in laws wedding. It seems like no matter how many times I go shopping, I'm still missing something for someone. Right now, Kolby needs new shoes. His feet seemingly sprouted over night. And Levi needs some clothes. Or maybe I just need to do laundry. No,
definitely, he needs some clothes!

I just finished our New Years cards today. Okay, so I need a few more addresses but I'm calling it done and letting Drew finish. The addresses are for his family.

I am still working on a to do list that I started before Christmas. Vacuum and mop floor never got crossed off. Neither did mail mom and Tate birthday cards.

That's my life. A never ending to do list. I need to make another one of things to do before we leave. Including take down Christmas decorations.

I probably won't be around much the next couple weeks, we'll be traveling and then Drew's parents will be here. And that to do list is waiting for me.

I'm nervous for the wedding, Sage and Kolby are ring bearers. Enough said. They look cute in their outfits though. And we got haircuts today.

I have a ton of pictures that I want to post at some point.

The end.

Levi has bad baby acne, pray it clears up before he meets a bunch of family for the first time. Isn't that a silly prayer request?! Oh and throw in there that no one gets sick and all travel goes safely with no delays. You know, those little things.

Now, really, the end. I feel like I need to say Amen but I'm not sure why.

I basically just wrote down my thoughts. Scary, huh?


  1. Oh, a staycation-- those are the BEST. I may think this because I am a hermit at heart, though. Have a fabulous trip back home!

  2. I loved your picture of the boys. They do sucha great job. I have had a to do list on the cupboard since early December. I finally threw it away and never got balance checkbook crossed off. Oh well as a mom there is always so much to do! Have fun at the wedding!

  3. Aw- that's such a normal prayer request! Ivy had bad baby acne, too. I was told to rub olive oil on it and it did help, actually! I hope you get to feeling like everything is together!

    P.S. I love staycations!


  4. I have some size 9 or 10 (I'll have to check) black dress shoes that Kolby can borrow if that's what you need. Just let me know!

  5. Praying and waiting on your safe arrival....Mom

  6. i think we ALL feel like we NEVER GET CAUGHT UP! agh! i feel you! iowa is not THAT cold right now (i'm in sd). it's not...THAT bad... so for that, you can be thankful...i think it's supposed to stay warmish (which means, in the 30's :) ) for the week?!


  7. Welcome HOME after a long trip to Iowa/Minn. Heard the wedding went well w/ only a few changes. Peter knows Spring thru McFarland Clinic. Would you please send the boys' pic for my 'frig gallery' (whenever) Thanks.


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