Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random Thoughts

-Tomorrow night I am going to Converge and I'm really excited.

-Our rocking chair squeaks and it is really annoying.

-I think our swing is dying. It doesn't keep it swinging. Kind of not the point.

-It's cold here. Yesterday was 75 and humid. Today is 40 and rainy.

-I kid you not, it is snowing here. The smallest flakes that I've ever seen but it is snow. I don't think a camera would capture the flakes.

-It captured the small flakes! The boys didn't cooperate but I got a pic of the flakes!

-Just yesterday, I was wishing it would be like this again:

(Picture of Kolby in Connecticut)
-Sage is going to play out on our deck in the snow! He's singing about how much he loves it. And how excited he is for Christmas.

-Sage talked to Santa on the phone (Drew's uncle) and told him he wants a motorcycle and a backyard to ride it in. Sad.


  1. I am lauging so hard at myself because I just wrote about the snow on my blog and called the flakes "big." And you said they were the smallest flakes you've ever seen. Ha ha! Your boys were so cute bundled up. Glad you're coming tomorrow!

  2. Little jealous on the Converge conference thingy! Beth Moore writes some good stuff and I can imagine that her live teaching will be so fulfilling. I can't wait to hear what you learn.

  3. We got a bit of "snow" here too. :) Although for us it was more sleety-type stuff. Still, I am not complaining AT ALL because it is so nice to have it be sort of cold-ish.

  4. We had the pretty snow to start out with, and now it's all covered with ICE! It made the sled slide very nicely behind the four-wheeler, though, so the kids were glad.

  5. I decided to go to Converge after all...Tami is going to be my date!
    I am so glad that I got to visit the other night. Levi is so precious and it was good to spend some time with you! (Too much time according to Sage!)

  6. Are your boys wearing Lands End coats? Gabe and Ty have what appears to be the exact same coats in the exact same colors, big in red, little in blue. Funny anyway glad to see you guys got some snow in Houston!


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