Saturday, December 06, 2008

Pregnancy Brain?

How long can I blame things on pregnancy brain? Oh, I'm not pregnant so it doesn't make sense?! Right.

Then how come I've been convinced that Sage had choir practice last night and would be singing at church tonight, for weeks.

I was wrong.

We figured it out last night. At church. We thought we were taking him to choir practice.


It didn't really matter because we were also dropping Sage and Kolby off for Parents Night Out.

Sage does sing tomorrow at all 3 services. I wasn't completely losing my mind.


As requested, pictures of Levi. I am starting to call him Piglet because he snorts a lot. He snorts while crying, it's pretty funny.

He is such a sweet baby. He likes to be held but every once in a while will sleep in the swing or other various places that would not be his bed. I love holding him and slinging him but every once in a while, it is nice to be baby free.

Nights are okay. He eats about every 3 hours at night. He still sleeps a lot during the day but when he is awake is generally content to look around, in someones arms.

It is amazing how easily he fits into our family. It just seems like he has always been with us but it's only been not even 4 weeks. Life just keeps going on and he is along for the ride. Sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly!


  1. he's the cutest piglet I have ever seen.

  2. Those cheeks are awesome! I am sending you some snow and sweater weather. Do you get to come home for Christmas or just the wedding?

  3. The 3 boy artsy shot shows how chilled he is in the midst of little boy craziness. Thanks for the close ups of that sweet baby face.

  4. I love the action going on in the background!

  5. Those are some num-num cheeks.

    The new babies find their niche and click into place somehow.


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