Thursday, April 17, 2008

You Could Win A Thousand Dollars!

How? Shannon is hosting a haiku writing contest about your mom. CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS!

Here is mine.

Taking care of me
A full time job for no fee
Oh the joy and glee

As you can see, I am clearly going to win with that little bit of wit, but I think you should enter too. You have to enter before 8 pm tonight. It looks like you can enter as many as you want! I might have to go write more...

(Go Brad! Enter under Al's blog or as yourself, whatever. I know you want to.)


  1. Speaking of motherhood haiku, if anyone is on Twitter, Momku ( is so delightful and funny.

  2. I miss you guys! I Pray you are doing well and was also wondering if you're going to have to change your blog to "neffets4" in the near future...? Love you all!


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