Saturday, April 12, 2008

From the Mind of a 3.5 Year Old

Sage really likes to take books to bed and he really likes to use a flashlight to read them. Last night, he was looking for a flashlight, found one and then realized that it didn't work. Drew said "It has no batteries." Sage then asked if we could get yes batteries.


The other night after dinner, we were talking about what Sage wants to be when he grows up. I said, maybe you can be an OB/GYN and deliver babies. And he responded enthusiastically. I kind of giggled and said maybe you should be in the delivery room with mom. And he said "And then I will say, I will go get my mail truck!" It took us a minute to realize that when we were saying deliver the baby, he was equating it with delivering mail! If only delivering babies was as easy as delivering the mail.


Sage got some new sunglasses the other day, little aviator glasses. He was wearing them around the house saying "I am rock and roll!" If only he hadn't lost them the same day we got them, I would show you a picture.


  1. I've made alot of people smile and giggle sharing about the batteries!
    Maybe you should send that one into Reader's Digest!
    Love ya, Mom

  2. Kristy, I love this story! It's so cute. Definitely Readers Digest! =) Congratulations, by the way! Give me a call sometime!


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