Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Flash Comeback

The year, 1989

The event, Awana Pinewood Derby Race

The winner, Flash - my car

(Flash is the red car on the far left, the red track.)

The year, 2008

The event, Awana Pinewood Derby Race

The winner, a Cubbie named Joy with a Doc Hudson car

(Sage setting up Flash for one of his four big races)

The Rundown:

Race 1- Flash crushes the competition, mom smells victory!

Race 2- Flash comes in second by a bit, mom settles down

Race 3- Flash races on the far right track and flies off! Sage reminisces later saying it was like The King crashing in Cars. I agreed except that the Flash didn't actually cross the finish line, mom feels slightly cheated thinking the lady that was supposed to help set up the cars, jipped us, mom smells conspiracy.

Race 4- Flash barely takes second, like good thing there was a machine to make the call or mom might have protested. The dad of the little girl's car who won that race actually pumped his fist in the air and shouted "Yes!" (His daughters car took third, cheater)

But man, let's remember that Flash is nineteen years old! I'm thinking in six years when he turns 25, I will register him as a classic.

Thanks mom for boxing up Flash with his original trophy.

We were pretty excited to open that box an hour before heading to the Pinewood Derby and I think it was God watching out for a certain little boy who had a blast and told everybody that he won! (all the Cubbies got a prize for participating, so in his mind, he won!)


  1. Those were SO much fun!!!!!! I remember my dad getting so into it; trying to make our cars more aerodynamic, etc... :)

  2. I recall Dad having alot to do with building your car. I don't remember him pumping his fist and saying "Yes!"

  3. Oh my goodness, I did AWANA too when I was little! Have we talked about this? My car for the race one year was a speedboat.

  4. Awana??? Man I was jipped in my Awana - we didn't get to do fun stuff like that! I do remember having a trophy for the Sparks winner of dogde ball!

    Jason's work a couple years ago had a pinewood derby contest for them. Men - reliving their childhood days!

  5. I am amazed that I don't remember your winning the derby AT ALL! I am also really impressed that Mom and Dad found the car. :) Hasn't she made you get all of your stuff out of the house yet?
    P.S. Great job, Sage!

  6. So fun. I remember the Awana Grand Prix from when I was a kid. I wish that a church around her had it. I loved it as a kid. I think I can still sing the Sparks song :)


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