Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Mall Time Warp

What happens when you walk into a mall? It feels like time stops. And then when you go to leave, time didn't stop, it sped way up!

Take today for example. I had three stops to make. 1) Gap charged me when I tried to return something a couple weeks and I didn't realize it until I got my credit card statement 2) Two year old picture of Kolby at Kiddie Kandids 3) Borders Bookstore to look for the Berenstain Bears Moving Day book.

We got there a little after 11, which was a late start because Kolby had physical therapy this morning. We left at ten minutes to two. What happened?

I was planning on getting Kolby's picture taken first thinking that we would have to wait an hour. He fell asleep right as we got off the exit for the mall and amazingly stayed asleep in the stroller for 45 minutes.

During that time, Sage and I shared pretzel bites and lemonade, looked at a really cute dress that was way overpriced at New York and Company, did the Gap return and found a pair of jeans on sale for Sage for next year. He is also going to wear them this spring because he has exactly 4 pairs of pants that fit him and one pair went MIA. Then we looked at H&M and I was so excited to find a gray linen A-line skirt for $9.90, until I tried it on. Then I was bummed. Kolby woke up! Sage had to go to the bathroom. We went and got Kolby's picture taken. We didn't have to wait for the pictures, it was really fast since he only cooperated for 6 pictures. Then Sage had to go to the bathroom again. (After a lot of prodding from me and telling him he would get a stomache ache and not want to eat lunch unless he did. And while Sage was busy on the toilet, Kolby pressed the Emergency button that calls Security!) Then we decided to eat pizza for lunch. Pizza from Target, not Sbarro. Sage insisted. Then we got the stuff we needed at Target. And then came home.

That paragraph up there apparently took 3 hours.

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  1. Is it just the mall or everywhere that takes so much longer with 2 kids?


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