Sunday, April 20, 2008

So I was sitting in the back of a police car...

Wait, maybe I should start at the beginning.

The boys and I were playing out in our back lot (it is a lot, not a yard, there is no grass). Sage was playing baseball, then he was playing soccer, then he was playing that he had to go inside to get his soccer buddies. Kolby was sitting in the fire truck on the porch. At one point, I saw a man walking along the street that is diagonal from our apartment, not unusual, people walk along the street all the time. He was walking by the empty lot. I noticed that he stopped at the entrance of the lot, by the column and kept glancing in our direction.

At first, I thought that he was using the entrance column as his personal urinal. Disgusted, I read a couple more paragraphs in my book. Kolby was starting to walk down the stairs, so I started to help him. Sage was inside gathering his "buddies". All of the sudden, I realized that he was not urinating. He was doing something else with that same part of his body. And I got really disgusted, especially since he kept looking at us. I swooped up Kolby and we went inside. I told Sage that we had to stay inside for a few minutes. And then the passing thought of I should call the police turned into action. Everyone should have the non-emergency police number programmed in your cell phone.

I called, reported that a man was pleasing himself on the street diagonally in the back of our back lot, left my name and number, gave a description and that was that. Civic duty done. Or so I thought.

About an hour later, Drew had come home and taken Sage to play baseball in the grass (he was very excited about playing in the grass, I know my kids are so deprived). I get a call. It is the police, an officer will be out front in a few minutes to pick me up and take me to id the man. Um, okay. I called Drew back since Kolby was home with me. I was confused. Did I just sit in the back of the car and they show me a picture? It ended up that I went for a ride in the police car. They had picked up a man matching my description in the projects, a whopping 4 blocks from my apartment. On the way, I asked, he won't see me, right? Oh, no I was assured.

So, I was sitting in the back of the police car and she parks about 50 feet in front of another police car. She tells me that they are going to get him out of the car and then she will come back to me and I will tell her yea or nay.

It was him.

And he totally saw me. He had to be able to, I mean, I could see him.

Anyway, not the point. They got the creep and apparently, this was the second complaint of this nature for him. The officer told me that he had been going on about his small, well, and how everyone knew it and he always got made fun of for it in prison and so on.

Civic duty done.

I didn't think quick on my feet trying to explain to Sage what was wrong and why I had to call the police. After I tried my best to explain, he burst into tears and I said "I'm sorry he scared you." And he said, "He didn't scare me, you did!"

The things I'll do to protect my kids.

Later, Drew said, why didn't you just tell him he was breaking the law? Right, wish I had thought of that!

After that, I wasn't so sad that we will be moving.


  1. gretchen from Apr 21, 12:54:00 PM

    Oh my gosh! That is really scary. I'm glad they found him and I'm even more glad you are moving far, far away.

    You did a good thing reporting him. There's no doubt he's done it before. And they say creeps like that start out small and move on to bigger and more awful things...

  2. I JUST saw this very thing on Oprah - about people who get their jollies out of doing that in front of other people.

    You go, girl! I CANNOT believe this happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am still shocked...I think your new home is calling your name...


  4. This post is so sad to me - first because of the experience for you and Sage, and second for the man who did such a thing - sin lurks everywhere, no mattter where you live, and your actions kept someone else from the trauma you experienced. Hopefully, he will not only serve his time but get the help he so desperately needs. I am proud of you! My prayers are with you all,

  5. Heh! Heh!
    Want some candy little Girl?

  6. you seriously need to check the IP for anonymous and see who is reading your blog.

    on that note, I'm not so sorry you all are moving either.. the sooner the better. jeez louise!!


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