Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Countdown in ON!

Not for moving.

Drew will be done with studio Thursday.

THURSDAY!!!! Glorious Thursday.

I don't know how to explain my excitement to you. This is the last Saturday that Drew will be gone all day at studio. The last Saturday ever. Next Saturday, he won't go to studio. Amazing.

He has been getting up at about 4 every morning so he can go to studio, today included.

We have been married almost 6 years and every Saturday during the school year, he has been in studio. So, I'm sure he missed some Saturdays, but I don't think this semester, maybe year, he has missed a Saturday.

It is pretty easy to feel sorry for myself on Saturdays. It is easy to feel lonely. Every other husband is home with their family, hanging out, doing chores, maybe going for a walk, but not mine. It is just another day to be home all day alone with the kids.

I'm ready for a normal Saturday.

I have big dreams. Maybe Saturday mornings we can have a big family breakfast, maybe I can do all the grocery shopping on Saturdays,maybe we can walk to a coffee shop and then a park, maybe we can sleep in, maybe we can go to the pool together, maybe... the possibilities are endless!

Most likely, we will be spending time packing before we move, unpacking and painting after. But, it will be together.


  1. Yea! That's exciting that he's almost done. Congrats to Drew. I can't imagine how happy you are to have your Saturdays together as a family!

    You guys will have to have a huge graduation party! =) Are you ready for Houston?

  2. Kristy, I'm also very excited for you that Drew will be graduating and that he won't be gone as much; I'm really happy for your upcoming move and being able to feel like "real life" is starting after finally being done with school, BUT my advice to you is . . . focus on the good things about where you are right now and trust God to help you be content, because no matter what's going on in your life, it's so easy to want something else. Not saying that's what you're doing. :) From your big sister!

  3. Kristy, you are about to get your second/third degree. First from ISU, second MRS, and third PHT (Putting Hubby Through). Congradulation to both of you.
    From the owner of KLC

  4. yes - congratulations to both of you.. that is awesome!!

    Faith is yelling at me because I'm on the computer. now I feel bad.



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