Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Internet in da house

Kolby pictures! The far left we were at a park and the only way he wasn't screaming was in his car seat being bounced. The second is sleeping on mom and dads bed!

We finally have our computer back! It is a long story, but thanks to Geek Squad we are back up and running.

Kolby had his surgery yesterday. They cut his heal cords and recast his legs. He will wear these casts for 3 weeks and then we start the brace treatment. The surgery went perfectly. We took Sage with us and he did great with all the waiting. Grandma had sent some tools for him to play with and we got him some of his own keys which were a big hit! I highly recommend them, they are Parents brand and he loves them!

Kolby will be 8 weeks, Thursday. Time flies! He was weighed yesterday before surgery with casts on and he was 15 lbs. 2 oz, so probably without casts, 14 lbs. He is chubby! It will be funny to see him without casts, they just seem a part of who he is! And his legs will be so skinny! His top thigh chubs out around the cast, it looks pretty funny!

Hopefully now I will get to post more, but still keep my house as clean. Funny how clean it has been since we haven't had internet!

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