Sunday, April 23, 2006

Places I want to visit

This will in no way be a comprehensive list, but I need to write them down or I will forget.


For some reason, I have been thinking about trips that I want to take with my family. The top 3 are places that we should go before we move away from the east coast. Which brings me to another question, where do I want to live? Ideally, I don't know. There are so many factors. Family being the biggest factor. Both of our families live in the midwest. We both grew up there. We like it there, but we will probably not live close enough to either family for them to babysit for us on a regular basis. So, do I decide that driving distance is good enough? Or do we want to live farther away and then make our vacations to see relatives? Not that those aren't good vacations, there are just more places that I want to see and experience and places I want my kids to see.

I still feel lonely some days. But then I think about the fact that we probably wouldn't live close enough to family that I could call someone and say meet me here or come hang out at my house for the afternoon. It puts a different perspective on things and makes me realize that I have to be content no matter where we live. I wonder if we will live in the same city for many years like our parents did. Benefits are family friends. I have family friends who are like family. You know the kind that you are so comfortable around? You look forward to seeing them and you don't even have to talk although most of the time, you have so much to say about nothing because you pick up where you left off last time. Will we make our own family friends? Have we already made some? Probably yes to both questions. We will make some in each place we live, and have already made some that will remain friends forever. Friends, you drop in on when you are in town.

My baby is crying so I better go. Last night, he went from 9:30 to 3:30! I don't think Sage did that until like 4 months! Maybe Kolby will be a good sleeper at night.

My in-laws leave tomorrow so I will be off line until our computer is fixed. Good-bye outside world! I hope to be back up and running soon!


  1. Wow - Just left a comment on your blog and clicked refresh, then found a new post!

  2. Or maybe your family will just pick up and move where you live like mine did? :)

    Tough decisions.



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