Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mama

That is what Sage tells me today. So cute.

I am thinking about using gdiapers. Has anyone used them? I have always considered cloth but am put off by the amount of laundry. These seem like a good alternative. They look like a cloth diaper but you flush the liner and all that goes with it. It interests me because it is better for the environment. Not sure the hubby will go for it though.

Kolby is one week and 2 days away from being cast free! Then he will wear a brace all the time until he is six months old.

It seems like I will have posts floating around in my head and I finally get a moment to sit and type and poof they are gone. This blog has been relatively boring lately and with few and far between posts. I had a post the other day that then got lost in cyberspace.

I have been having a hard time adjusting to two babies. On one hand, I feel like I have things under control and on the other, I feel like I am drowning and struggling to get one more breath and somehow I get one more breath and start sinking again.

I celebrated my birthday last week, I am now in my upper twenties, 27 to be exact. We went to dinner last night just me and hubs to celebrate. Ruby Tuesday for an awesome burger and fries. That is one of my favorite meals. Ice cream would have made it complete but it was chilly so we opted for a hot chocolate from Starbucks, another favorite! It was so weird not putting babies into car seats or feeding anyone else but myself. Kolby was good so I feel more comfortable/confident leaving him. And I had such a great time with Drew. We laughed and talked about our future and what that might look like. And we laughed. It was a great birthday dinner.

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