Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Today, a package arrived from FedEx for Sage and Baby. The outside said Phil & Teds. I couldn't believe my eyes. I knew it was the double stroller we have been looking at but hadn't purchased yet. I called Drew and asked him what he did. He was very confused and said nothing. I asked again, what did you do. He said nothing. I told him we just got a package that says Phil & Teds on it. He said "what?" I said did your parents do this? He said "I know nothing." I opened the packing slip and it said bill to a friend from church (but her name was actually printed). We are both shocked and incredibly grateful. It is amazing. Drew called her husband, and he said, how did you know it was us. They had tried to get their name taken off the packing slip so it would be annonymous. It is really cool because Drew and I saved some money that we received for Christmas to put toward the stroller and were hoping to be able to buy the entire stroller as a gift. And then it landed on our door step! Why does God take care of the silly material possesions that we want?

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  1. Because he LOVES you, that's why! And in 20 years you'll be able to do it for someone else!

    How neat!

    I saw one of those strollers at the mall the other day and couldn't stop myself from drooling! :)



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