Friday, March 03, 2006

36 weeks and 6 days

Weight: 169
Measurement: 34
Dilation: 5cm
Station: +1

Pretty uneventful dr. visit. I was hoping to get sent to the hospital, no such luck. She was pretty amazed that I was 5cm and not in labor.

On another note, my H's are doing a lot better. Not completly better, but a lot more liveable.

And a completly different note, Sage no longer colors, he eats the crayons. I have noticed lately that his favorite book is "My Big Book of Rescue Heros" so we bought him "My Big Book of Animals". And he has suddenly developed cradle cap or dandruff. And the cradle cap treatment by Baby Orajel stinks. Literally and figuratively. It hasn't helped and it makes his hair really greasy.

What a random post. The things on my mind? Having this baby, getting to the hospital (Drew still doesn't know how to get there, do you think that is going to be a fun conversation when I am in labor?) and Sage. He is so sweet. He gives kisses without being asked. And when I say can you say love you, he gives me a kiss.

New words: apple, banana (naaaa), and more (moooo) For some reason, most of his words are only the first sylable.

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