Thursday, February 09, 2006

I have been doing some thinking lately, on semi related topics.

Materialism: I would say that I am a materialistic person trapped in a cheap persons body. Does that make sense? I like nice things, but don't like to pay for nice things. However, I do believe that if we are going to buy something, it is going to be quality. I would rather pay for quality than quantity. For example, last Christmas, our phone pooped out on us. I had it since high school so it wasn't a huge surprise. We went to Sam's Club and decided on the $40 vtech model. This Christmas, the rechargeable base pooped out on us. Now, instead of having 2 phones, we only have one and feel like we should replace it at some point but we are both too cheap to spend money on a stupid phone. But for our double stroller, we are willing to spend a large amount of money, because we believe we are buying a quality product. And we are saving Christmas money and have asked our parents for money towards the stroller so most if not all will be a gift, and that makes us not feel bad for spending so much money. Clothing, I am more likely to go the cheaper route, sales. When we lived elsewhere, I would go to garge sales but here that has proved more difficult and now with two boys... doubtful that on a Sat. morning, I am going to pack up and haul around two babies.

In general, I am content with what I have. Of course, I do suffer from the wants occasionally. Like this morning with my maternity clothes. I hate most of them. A lot of them are borrowed and don't fit quite right. The shoulders aren't broad enough and the sleeves not long enough making me feel like a giant. Back to being content. The apartment that we live in is great. It is just the right size for our family and even adding one more person, doesn't seem like it will be a problem. Yes, sometimes, I wish we had a backyard to set up a blow up pool, but then I can go to a friends and use theirs. Sometimes, I wish we had a full size washer and dryer, but I am so glad that I don't have to go to a laundrymat. And I have friends who have offered their washer and dryer in case I ever get behind! All, in all, I am content, life is good and can only get better!

Confession: We use government programs. I am embarressed to admit that. My husband is in grad school and our income is very low. We live off student loans. Sage and I are on state health insurance and we get WIC. We qualify for a lot more programs. I haven't paid one dime for any of my pre-natal care or Sage's well baby check ups. The only thing I pay for is parking. $2 an hour. Which isn't much. WIC gives us checks for certain items at the grocery store. We get milk, eggs, peanut butter, juice, beans, and cereal. It really helps our grocery budget. I don't know why I am embarressed to be on these programs, but I am. It is something that I want to hide from people and not tell them, which makes me think that I should tell them. BUT, we will celebrate the day that we can get off all government assistance!

Sage is sleeping so long today that I am sure if I get up to do something useful, like swiffer my floor, he will wake up. So, off to do something useful!

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  1. Hey!
    Are you getting excited that the day is coming so soon! I just wanted you to know that your family and your health are always in my prayers. I'm so excited to be a 2nd time auntie!!!
    in Christ, KRISTA


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