Saturday, February 18, 2006

He so rarely falls asleep on my lap anymore, I cherish every time it happens. This picture is also serving as a belly picture, at 34 weeks, I think, maybe 33.

Nothing exciting has been happening lately. Monday, my midwife called and asked if I had gotten my Rho-gam shot yet. I said no, and she said somehow it got missed and you need to get that today. So, I said I would come in today and get it. 3 hours after arriving, we left with one Rho-gam shot completed. Sage is so good. I had taken some snacks and we ate lunch in the cafeteria but he was so tired by the time we left. And he never cries or complains. A few protests and then he gets distracted with more food.

My washer has finally been fixed! I can now do a full load of laundry again, which in a normal washer is a half load, and I had been doing a half load in our machine, which is 1/4 of a normal load!

I forgot Thankful Thursday so here goes.

1. A working, non-water leaking washer!
2. A surprise Valentine rose (from Drew)
3. Sweet kisses from my sweet boy- unasked he has started giving kisses
4. a good nights sleep
5. eating out
6. a free baby bassinet that can be hooked next to my bed also

Do you ever get tired of food? Not that I am not hungry, I just get tired of always fixing food, cleaning up and shopping for food. How much time would I have in a day if I didn't have to feed myself and my family? It would be amazing.

Sage has figured out that he can carry his step stool anywhere, therefor making him a lot taller and able to reach everything. Nothing is safe in our house anymore. Nothing. If the stool isn't good enough, get a chair!

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