Thursday, September 01, 2005

Life Update

About my power outage post, later I was thinking how selfish and a word that I can't think of I am. I complain about losing power for 6 hours and look at what these folks in Louisianna and Mississippi are going through. The devestation there is awful and unimaginable. My prayer is for healing for the sick and hurt and comfort for everyone.

I had my first pre-natal appointment last night. Everything looks great. I weighed in at 143.5 which was a shock because when we moved here in May, I was definitey more towards 150. I don't know when or how that weight came off. The babies heart rate was 156. My uterus size seemed to be on track for being 10 weeks along so the due date of March 25 is going to stay with us. I am going to the Womens Center at Yale for my prenatal and will be seeing a midwife but anyone who happens to be on call will deliver me. That could be a dr. or a midwife or a student dr. Different. I am glad that this is my second baby so I feel like I kind of know what is going on and what will happen and am okay with whoever delivers me.

Sage is walking more and more. Drew said yesterday at the doctor office, he was standing back up on his own. Here at home, he wants me to help him stand. He is taking about 10 wobbly steps in a row. He gets so rushed and then falls, if he keeps going slow, he does great. It is fun to see him learn!

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  1. Yay for happy doctor's appointments! I can't wait to see you guys as a family of four! Yes, today I was complaining about something and then thought how selfish I was!!!! Very cool that you picked that up and stopped it! make me freaking ill.


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