Friday, September 16, 2005

Fun Trip

Sage and I had a really fun time in North Carolina visiting my brother and his family. We left just before the hurricane and am glad that we got home safely! It was so much fun to see all the changes in my brothers life. All good changes. He plays in the worship band at their church! It was neat to see him praising God!

Sage and I leave again on Sunday. This time we are going to Iowa! We will spend some time at my sisters house in Cedar Rapids and some time at my brothers in Ames. I am so excited to see everyone! I already know it will go too fast and be hard to come home again. So, the last couple of days have been a whirlwind of laundry and cleaning. It rained all day yesterday and has been today also so i can't hang the clothes out to dry and I really need the laundry to get done so I can pack all of us. Drew will be going to Finland while we are in Iowa. The flight will be long. The first leg going to Minneapolis will be a 3 hour flight! Pray that Sage stays happy and I stay sane! He did really well flying back and forth to North Carolina. His ears didn't seem to bother him. I kept making him drink from his sippy, even when I knew it was practically empty! Then we have a 3 hour layover. It will be a long day. Any travel tips? Should I check my carseat or gate check it? Carrying it around the airport for 3 hours sounds like a pain but what do I do if they lose it? Ahhh the dilema.

Ultrasound: We had our ultrasound on Wednesday, the 14th (Happy Birthday Drew!). Everything looks good and the baby measured at 13 weeks. Which makes me happy to be almost done with the first trimester! It is such a miracle to see that tiny completly formed baby growing inside of me that I am completly oblivious to. Except for the throwing up! I am happy to report that I did not throw up at all while at Brad and Al's. I boldly predicted that the morning sickness was gone at the ultrasound and threw up my dinner that night. Typical.

I probably won't write more until we get back from Iowa!

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