Thursday, June 23, 2005


My husband and son are asleep on our bed. My son is laying on my husbands chest. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby except a sleeping baby laying on my sweet husband.

Andrew's (my husband) parents are here. They arrived yesterday. It is so much fun having someone familiar. I almost cried when we picked them up from the airport. I find that I can cry pretty easily lately. Like sitting in a new church again and thinking again that we left the best church and friends in the world. Or thinking about my two nephews that we lived with back in Iowa and how much I wish I could see them right now and to hear them talk. Or just to have someone to go to a chick flick with or the pool or to watch Sage while I just run out. I have an overwhelming desire to go home. I feel like I am on vacation and ready for it to end. You know how sometimes a vacation can be just one day too long and you are so ready for the familiarity of home. That is what I feel like everyday. And the hardest part is to remind myself that this is home.

Since they are here, Sage is sleeping in our room. Which means up at 6! Why can't he be a kid that sleeps late? Why do I have to get an early riser? Sage has all of the sudden gotten picky about what he will and will not eat. He used to eat anything I put on the spoon. Now, he will often scrunch up his mouth and nose and turn his face to the ceiling when I try to feed him. It is hard not to laugh because it is so cute, he is getting more ornery everyday. He walks around furniture now. I can't believe how fast time flies. He is getting so big!

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