Friday, June 17, 2005

Random Things

Have you ever wanted to get out of the house and be around people? I feel that way a lot in my new city. Sometimes, I will go for a walk and take Sage to the park but today I didn't want to go for a walk. So, I packed a lunch for Sage and went to Target! Yes, we ate lunch at Target and then walked around for a little bit. I wanted to get the Jergens lotion, Natural Glow but they were all out so I had to stop at Wal-Mart, but it had to be fast because I didn't want Sage to fall asleep in the car and then not nap when we got home.

Speaking of Sage and naps. He will have good days and bad days. This morning was bad. He cried for 30 minutes before finally falling asleep. And then only slept about an hour. This afternoon he didn't make a peep when I laid him down. Our neighbors little boy, Samuel, sleeps in the same room as they do but not only that, they don't shut the door or turn a fan on for white noise. He has just learned to fall asleep with noise. It is so great. Their bedroom is between the kitchen and living room so Samuel hears everything, no matter where the people are. It makes me think that is the way to do it. It also makes me think that Sage should be sleeping in the same room as us. I mean, he does sometimes, but just when we are staying at someone elses house.

It is hard to make friends. Where am I supposed to meet people? The only people I have met, live in my building. At least I have Nico. We go somewhere together at least once a day. For a walk usually. They are going to look at a minivan this weekend. And Gabri said that we could all go on trips every weekend together. That would be fun.

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  1. Hi, I'm Kelli. Just stopping by from Rachels blog. I just started blogging a few months ago. I'm also a stay at home mom but have two little girls 4yrs and 9 months. I feel you on naptime and bed time. We struggled with it for many months of trying different things and finally letting her cry was fastest and easiest. Now I can happily say she sleeps through the night! YAY!. You'll meet people soon. Sage sounds like a cutie:0)


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