Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Busy Tuesday

Today was laundry and cleaning day. Remember how the washer got delivered? Yeah, I still haven't gotten to use it so I spent two hours at the laundromat. And then cleaned for about four hours. My in-laws are coming tomorrow. They are staying for almost a week. I have everything as ready as can be. Tomorrow morning I will set up the air mattress and make it and move some of Sage's stuff into our room. They are going to stay in his room and Sage will move into our room for the week. I am excited for them to come. They will be our first over night guests in our new apartment! I am tired from the day and dinner still needs to be made and I want to make chocolate chip cookies.

Yesterday, I did a bunch of errands. I returned a video, deposited money at the bank, and went to the post office. I walked to those places and later drove to Target. It is nice to be able to combine exercise with errands except that I might not be walking fast enough to really call it exercise! I need to start doing something too.

Do you ever think about your position on the Iraq war? For it or against it? And why? I was recently asked my opinion and didn't feel like I am knowledgeable enough to articulate why I support the war. I support the war because the UN was giving Sadamm too many chances to get rid of his weapons of mass destruction. I know they didn't find any but it is partly the (can't think of the right word). I mean how many times do you tell your kids to do the same thing and when do you expect them to comply with you. I would bet you expect them to comply the first time they are told to do something. And why do you tell them certain things? To protect them from things. Maybe parenting and world politics shouldn't be compared but that is what relates to me.

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  1. HEy keep blogging! I will send some people your way! It is so fun for me to print stuff out every once in awhile and just have a record of how I have felt, etc...yeah, we are going to start "Trying" when Lucy is a year again. Which will come FAST. Crazy huh? I guess I still like the idea of having them close in age since we thought we were having twins. Am I crazy or WHAT?

    Iraq war - I am beginning to wonder. And the whole thing about Christians being Republicans. Yes, I agree with alot that the Republican party is doing, but there is alot I don't agree with, too. It is interesting.

    I bet Sage is getting SO big!

    p.s. JEALOUS you live so close to NYC and Boston!


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