Friday, June 10, 2005


My son, Sage who is almost 11 months old has started to throw fits. If I tell him no or do not touch, his pouty lip comes out and then he will lay his head down on the floor and cry. It is funny to watch but also frustrating. I don't know how to tell him that he can't throw fits. I have tried ignoring him and I have tried picking him up, holding him away from my body and putting him in his crib until he stops crying. But as soon as he stops crying in his crib the moment I walk into his room, he starts again. Help! Just now, I put him in his high chair so he could have a snack of Cheerios, I don't know if he didn't want them or what but he immediatly started dropping them on the floor, I told him no harshly and his lip came out, his head went down on the pile of cheerios and when he lifted his head, he had two cheerios stuck to his lip! I couldn't help but laugh. He stopped throwing them off and started eating them, but I don't want him to have an attitude.

In other news, an Italian couple with a son the same age as Sage moved in upstairs. They have had a lot of trouble moving. Long flights, dirty apartment, then last night, they had no hot water. We hauled up buckets of hot water so they could give the baby a bath. They are so nice and we look forward to getting to know them more.

I went to a Stay and Play at the library yesterday. It was for kids ages 0 - 5. I met some other moms and one even gave me her phone number. She lives close to the beach and said to call her when I bring Sage, they are always up for a trip to the beach. But today is another day of what do I do all day with Sage and myself? The easiest thing is to go shopping, but our budget can't handle that.

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  1. I just talked to your mom and when she said you had a blog I was so excited - we just started one too. I had never even heard of one until just after Caleb was born and Jason thought it would be cool to start one up. I just blogged (is that the right terminology) for the first time yesterday so I'll try to figure out how to give you the link. Rachel H just started one too. I've been praying for you and thinking about you. The great thing is, God is faithful. I'll never forget your mom reminding me of that one time several years when I think of that truth I think of her....and now you! :)

    I've got a crying baby upstairs that I better tend to. Keep in touch!



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