Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Life is starting to seem normal here. Everything is unpacked, so it is more comfortable. Our neighbors just moved here from Italy and have a son the same age as Sage. She stays at home with him so we are starting to hang out some. Yesterday, we went to the park with the boys and today we went to the library for a program. Sage happily sat in my lap but Samuel crawled around and she had to chase him. It is funny to see the difference in the babies. And at the park, Sage loves the swing and Samuel was scared. Last night, I took them to the grocery store because they don't have a car and it is too far to walk. After that, they came for an American dinner. We grilled hamburgers. Tomorrow night, we will go to their apartment for an Italian dinner. I decided that Sage will stay in his crib until 7am even if he is crying. The last two days I have done that, he has gone back to sleep! And his naps are getting better. He is so cute and so smart. My husband taught him to say aaaggghh after he takes a drink. So cute!

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