Friday, January 06, 2012

January 4

I want to try to take the kids' picture every month on the fourth. I really did take these on the fourth!
 The best one of the four of them and Kolby is out of focus. Kolby is still in his school uniform and yes, I did grab that bow right before I took the picture. And yes, it was off right after we were done.
 Annika decided she didn't want to be touched, which is pretty normal. 

I said pose funny.

Two seconds after these pictures were taken, they started running around the backyard having a grand time. Two seconds after that, Kolby tripped and landed in a pile of dog poop.


  1. Oh such fun! Thanks for Sage's toothless grin and how much taller he seems just since summer....
    Love, Mom

  2. Can you tell I'm catching up on your blog? I won't apologize, per your blog post about mothering first and checking blogs, facebook, etc. second!

    It's a shame Annika's bow couldn't have been bigger.


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