Sunday, January 15, 2012

Favorite Things

One of my favorite parts of Bayou City Fellowship, our 16ish week old church plant is prayer.

I know every church prays. I hear them pray. I see them pray.

But, our Pastor has set an example of prayer.

"We will be a praying church." He's said that too many times to count.

When we were an itty, bitty baby church and not open to the public, we practiced praying.

That sounds weird, to practice praying, right?

But we did.

Pastor Curtis told us, we're not here to pray just to hear ourselves speak. We're going to pray powerful prayers. Sometimes, the word "short" was before the word powerful.

And then, he modeled it for us.

And we joined.

We would all pray out loud together.

Pastor would be walking around with his arms open or lifted, in prayer.

And all our voices join together and lift up to our Lord.

Before the service begins, after every baby item, and kids table, and sign pointing a way to go, you will find us in the chapel, heads bowed or lifted up, praying.

Sometimes, we pray in a big group, sometimes, we pray individually or in two's.

We pray for the Holy Spirit to fill the chapel.

We pray for the lost to be saved.

We pray for each chair and each person sitting in those chairs, for their life to be changed.

We pray that our lives will be changed.

At the end of service, it's not uncommon for us to stand and join hands and pray together.

After church, it's not uncommon to see groups of people standing around, heads bent, sometimes a hand raised, in prayer.

Jesus loves it.

Is there anything that I can be in prayer for you about?

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