Sunday, January 15, 2012

Favorite Things 2

Another one of my favorite parts of Bayou City Fellowship, is that I get to serve.


I serve in the Littles.

I serve in the Kids.

Mostly, I serve as a door greeter and an usher.

The two places I was most reluctant to serve, passing out communion and praying  up front with people are the two that I most enjoy.

The way we pass out communion is we have five couples stand up front and then everyone files up and takes the bread, which I hold and say "The body of Jesus, broken for you."

Then they dip the bread in the juice and Drew says "The blood of Jesus shed for you."

The first time I did it, I was nervous. I thought I might forget what to say.

I thought I might stumble through the words.

But then, the words came out my mouth and I thought about them.

And I thought about each person as I said this to them.

It's deep. It's raw. It's truth.

Without it, my life would be in shambles.

As I said "(Friends name), the body of Jesus broken for you."

I got a lump in my throat.

My voice got shaky.

And then, I would say the same thing to the next person in line.

I might know them, I might not.

But, it never fails, the lump comes in my throat, my voice gets shaky, I sometimes squeak it out.

One of my friends said, "Can I give you a hug?"

A precious senior man came through my line. After I shakily said "The body of Jesus, broken for you.", he looked me in the eye and said "And for you!"

I almost lost it, I almost did the full on ugly cry.

The next person, who was this man's son, I could only look at and get out "For you."

Another lady said "I receive it. I receive it."

I could hardly handle it.

If you are ever at my church and we serve communion, maybe you'll choose a different line!


  1. We served communion like that at an outdoor worship gathering at a lake last summer, with everybody saying "The body of Jesus, broken..." to one other person, sort of passing down a line. I found it absolutely so moving that I totally did the ugly sobbing cry. Embarrassing! :) But also beautiful.

  2. Seldom speechless, but I would be then...
    Love you,

  3. Thanks for serving me communion when we visited your church. :) I hadn't thought about what it would mean to the server.


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