Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Funny Levi Sayings I Don't Want to Forget

When told no to more m&m's Levi told me his tummy was sad. And more m&m's would make it so happy!

At HEB, Levi pointed out many Santa's, I commented "Santa is everywhere these days."

He replied, "No, God is everywhere!"

He still regularly talks about his Huns. They do a lot of the same things that we are doing. My favorite right now is that he'll ask me a question, like "When we spill a lot of water, we have to clean it up, right?"


"Oh, cause my Hun's didn't know that. They beat us home in their race car."

According to Levi, there are 3 Huns, all named Levi who are 3 years old. He will often ask me a question and say Oh, cause my Hun's didn't know that. It makes me smile every time.

Drinking IBC root beer


  1. My life won't be complete until I hear Levi talk about the Huns with my own ears. I am laughing so hard right now. I love that kid.

  2. Thanks Kristy for sharing - made my day!
    Missing you all, Mom

  3. These memories grow even more precious as the years go by. Great job writing them down cause you will forget some of them if you don't...I know that now!

    So fun to read about the children and see pics!

  4. This brought back memories of Sammy's imaginary friend Timon. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I checked in with Levi yesterday and when I asked him again who makes bbq sauce he looked at me like "we've already talked about this!" and simply said "bears." HA!!
    Now I'm just curious about where the Huns go to church since apparently they don't go to BCF.

  6. You are a wise mommy to write down all these precious little things down. I love these kinds of things! The bless my heart! Thanks for sharing w/the rest of us!!

  7. Ha!! PS Gray is my big rootbeer drinker!



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