Monday, November 21, 2011


Drove to the fancy mall.

Levi and Annika fell asleep on the way there.

Levi transferred to the stroller and stayed asleep the whole time.

I did some returning and exchanging.

As I returned a pair of boots, the man at the store asked if anything was wrong, I said no, just too small.

He checked the size on the box and said "41! Too small?!"

Way to win a customer, buddy.

Then asked if I wanted to look around for any gifts.

Since I have skis for feet.


  1. I can soooo relate to that one, friend.

  2. um...i'm pretty sure i'm a size 44. or maybe 45 after having kids. we should shop together may have skis, but my feet have been called boats! ;0)

  3. haha...I'm right there with you on the 41's...and I've always thought I look like of like a duck bare footed! :) quack!

  4. You probably stretched them out before you returned them. :)

  5. I can relate. "You need WHAT size??!?!?!?" is what I normally hear!


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