Monday, November 14, 2011


A while ago, Levi started telling us that he was going to have an airplane party for his birthday.

So we did.

His favorite colors are green and orange.

Apparently, the pictures I took were of the decorations.
The Invite. Designed by Drew.

Complimentary In Flight Drinks.
Designed by Drew.

Complimentarty In Flight Snacks.
Designed by Drew.

Your Choice of In Flight Meal.
Designed by Drew.

Decorated by Drew.
Assortement of planes for party favors in a suitcase.
Paper Airplane Factory.

Checked Baggage.

Birthday Boy.


Airplanes in the Clouds.


I think everyday since you've turned 3, you have said to me "Mom, I'm still free!"  And when we have said something like when you get a little bigger, you can do this, you quickly reply "But, I'm free!"

When you first started talking about your airplane party, you were so convincing that you were going to have one, we couldn't not throw one for you.

When Daddy first showed you the invitation, the plane was blue.  You said, "Dad, I wanted a green plane."  Drew tried to convince you that the plane was really great blue, but you knew exactly what you wanted.  Airplanes.  Green and orange.

You were a really impressive, incredible two year old, I can't wait to see what three brings!

You are a delight.  You are entertaining.  You make all of us laugh.  

Sometimes, we call you Chip because of your chipped tooth (Sage was holding your legs and dropped you on your face- that's the story you tell and it's the truth).  Sometimes, you'll say, "I Chip Yebi!"  

You love to tell me stories as we drive around in the van, a lot of times they involve poop.  

We love you, Chip Yebi!




  1. Looks like a successful flight enjoyed by all and better food than I have ever had on any of the airlines! Levi has flown more in his lifetime than some ever do - so glad that he considers it a PARTY!
    Love you all, Mom

  2. " ... a lot of times they involve poop." :)
    Happy Birthday, Levi!

  3. This is so sweet, Kristy! I absolutely LOVE the plane theme. So original! Yebi is adorable.

  4. it all turned out perfectly LEVI and perfectly FUN!
    love it.

  5. Y'all are so clever! What a fun party. I love that little boy. Happy birthday, Levi!

  6. Thanks for sharing! What a fun, creative party idea. Love that he knew exactly what he wanted! So glad he's "free" to be 3!

  7. um...small world!!!
    I remember reading your blog (I think I must have lost it) like years ago!!!
    you know them!?
    we go to church together!!!!

  8. AWESOME party Kristy! Love the airplane factory and all the checked baggage! Happy Birthday to your little FREE year old! :)


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