Thursday, November 10, 2011


The Back Story:

Levi started talking awhile ago about "The Huns".

Sometimes, The Huns would come with us places.

Sometimes, they drive their own cars, orange and green and will beat us to our destination.

Sometimes, The Huns were people.

Sometimes, The Huns were dogs.

Every once in a while, he'll ask me if I know where The Huns are.

Monday, I was emptying some boxes out of our bedroom and got them ready to take them out to the recycling.

Levi and Annika were eating lunch so I took the opportunity to take the boxes outside.

Levi came running out.  But, I'd already finished.

As we walked back in the house, he started whining and crying a little.

"My Huns were in the box!  You threw my Huns away!  You threw them away!"

I assured him that I checked the boxes and they were empty.

He reaffirmed that I had indeed thrown them away.

I insisted the boxes were empty and his Huns were somewhere else.

Somehow, it just dropped.

I haven't heard about The Huns and if they did or did not survive my box throwing out.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. My Mom had an imaginary friend until she was 14 (ridiculous and a little creepy, I know). She said she clearly remembers the day Amelia packed her bags and walked out the streets, down the road to the bus stop and went back to Alabama. Again, creepy.

  2. I am dying over here! Bless the Huns.

  3. Anxious to hear the "rest of the story".... an imagination is a wonderful gift!
    Love and miss you all,


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